This is the "advice" Planned Parenthood is teaching young adults?! Encouraging promiscuity that leads to a higher risk of pregnancy and STDs, claiming that sexual diseases are common and giving a false idea that STDs are often treatable and appear less harmful than they truly are, while advocating that sex is no big deal.

What about teaching respect and self-control in relationships and accurately addressing the risks and consequences related to sexual activity? Shouldn't we be advocating healthy lifestyles, monogamy and providing factual information to young adults?

The first point I would like to make in response to this video is that we should NEVER encourage promiscuity or "one night stands". Whether you support abstinence or "safe sex" you should agree that promoting careless choices regarding sex and multiple partners puts young adults at a much higher risk for STDs and pregnancy. If we truly cared about these young people we would not want to put them in harms way and by interpreting sex to have no boundaries is definitely creating a segway for potential harm.

Second, as a self-proclaimed "trained obstetrician gynecologist" this woman should be giving medically ACCURATE information. Her statement that "everyone gets HPV" is FALSE! Maybe in her circle of promiscuous and/or infected counterparts this is true. But making a statement that claims that this STD is common enough to infect all of us and with a tone that indicates her apathy towards the disease is frightening. If her goal was to educate, she has greatly failed and in fact has done quite the opposite with her statements. The young people listening to this woman now have much higher health risks due to the fact that they were greatly misinformed. They not only have been given false information, but life-threatening false information. Another disturbing factor is that this woman is the vice president of medical affairs for planned parenthood....she is supposedly one of the top educated members. That's scary.

Lastly, the closing statement of this video is tragic. This is her "best advice"?? To tell young people "do whatever you want and deal with the consequences later". What kind of advice is that? Wouldn't it be better to help them to make healthy choices to start with so that they don't have to deal with difficult and life altering consequences later?

For any young adults reading this, please understand that all of your choices affect your future. The choices you make today will impact the rest of your life. Those of us who promote abstinence, monogamy and respect for yourself and for relationships are not here to discourage you from living a full and happy life, we are speaking from experience and WANT you to have a fulfilling life. We know that the kind of successful life that one day will involve sex will be healthier and happier because you chose respect and self control over temporary pleasures and empty purpose. People like those in support of Planned Parenthood and their ideals fail to mention that sex is not just a physical action, but it is a priceless privilege with a purpose much great then sexual gratification. We have been given this personal form of physical love designed to show that one special person God has gifted to us that they are special and loved above all others in our hearts. If we spread our love around then that gift loses it's value and meaning. Sex is something to be respected and treasured and not meant for selfish intentions or a lack in depth and meaning. When you experience sex the way it was intended for us, which is within marriage, you will understand a higher level of respect and love and the results of your decision will be more than gratifying!
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