Baltimore passed a law that requires life-affirming pregnancy centers to post disclaimers noting that they do not provide abortion services with the argument that they want women to be "fully informed" of all their choices. You can read the full article here: News Busters

If they were really concerned about women making informed choices then they would require abortion mills to post disclaimers that they, in fact, provide abortion services. Their argument is that there is a threat to abortion facilities and workers by revealing this information. Have we forgotten that pro-life advocates have also died for the sake of the cause? There is a skewed view here. I do not support the individuals who threaten and harm abortion workers or who harass people who go to these clinics for abortions. That is an extreme version and view of the pro-life movement and the pro-life people. The majority of us are peaceful people with a burden on our hearts to save lives. And equally, I realize that not every pro-abortion advocate is a crazy, threat-spewing killer. The fact is that there are young women entering these facilities who are scared, hopeless and the majority are ignorant to the facts surrounding these issues.

I wholeheartedly believe in giving women all of their options so that they can make an informed decision. Which I believe most, if not all, life-affirming resources do. Sure, they do not actually perform abortions or distribute birth control...but I know for a fact that they explain the abortion procedure and the risks(with fact, not scare tactics) and also tell the abortion-minded woman that they do not offer abortions or contraceptives and do not give referrals to clinics who do offer those services. Why? Because why would we tell them about a service we do not advocate for, only to lead them to the very doors where those services are offered? That would be like saying "We're against prostitution, but here is a list of local brothels". We would be an accomplice in their abortion decision and that alone violates our conscience. Many ask "but why not offer contraceptives"? My answer is this...there is no contraceptive that is 100% safe and accurate, except abstinence. And by offering alternatives like birth control and condoms, you are telling that young person that their choice will result in merely physical consequences which just is not true. Birth control and condoms are false hope and our foundation is built on true hope. Hope for a future. By offering contraceptives you are telling that young person that it is OK to be promiscuous, that it is OK to put yourself at higher risk for pregnancy and STDs and that sex is purely a physical action. I think that if we really have the best intentions for these young people we would start at the heart, and teach them that sex is a valuable and personal possession that requires respect and is a meaningful expression of affection that is meant to be reserved for marriage. When you instill in them a sense of respect for themselves and in their relationships, it will be reflected in their everyday choices.

I believe pregnancy resource centers DO give women all the information they need in making life changing decisions...the other side's view just doesn't like the information we give because it's the truth and much of it exposes the very lies they are telling women. What it all comes down to after reading this article about this new law is that they are so quick to fight for choices and laws that support their ideals, but are not willing to have those same laws be enforced on them. That is what we call hypocrisy.

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