There has been a lot of controversy swirling around the Tim Tebow ad that is scheduled to air during the superbowl. The ad has not yet been released for public viewing and will not be available to the public until it's scheduled airing during the superbowl. It is said to be a 30 second clip that's tagline is "Celebrate Life, Celebrate Family" and will include a brief summary of Tim & Pam's story and how she was encouraged to abort, but went against medical advice and kept her child who is now a huge football star. There is an uproar coming from the pro-abortion lobbyist. Feminist, Gloria Allred has even gone as far as to say that the story of Tebow's birth is untrue others simply object because of their own personal viewpoint.

I believe that the real reason behind the controversy is not the message, but where the message is coming from. Focus on the Family, the organization funding the Tebow ad is a known christian organization. They are receiving huge criticism for their decision to promote this ad for the superbowl. But I think that if any other organization would have been the proponent behind it, we would not be hearing so much chatter about it. If Planned Parenthood themselves were the ones putting out this very ad or one identical we would say "they are just supporting one woman's choice" But when Focus on the Family defends the ad by saying "they are just supporting one woman's choice" people seem to discredit this choice and go even further by claiming it to be an "anti-choice" ad. It is clear now that choosing life is not considered a true choice in "pro-choice" opinion. If it was, they would be embracing this woman's choice to keep her baby, a mother who simply wants to tell the world how happy she is with the choice she made. I see nothing wrong with a mother being proud of her child and a child being proud of his mother. I also don't think this ad will be simply about life. Because of Tebow's success as a football player I think this ad will be about Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness and I don't know what could be more American than that!

People have argued that who will this ad really impact? Claiming that women primarily do not watch football and those who do, how many will be pregnant and struggling with the decision? My response to that is this....if ONE woman chooses life because of the ad, that is two lives saved. The mother is saved from a lifetime of pain and regret and the child is saved from abortion. So if even one mother is impacted then that is a huge victory for Life. Each life is valuable, and even just one is worth saving! There is no price on life so those who argue that they spent too much money for this ad and could have used the money elsewhere....I want to ask "what is the cost of saving a life?" To is PRICELESS. And I think any effort to save lives is admirable. How can we predict that this ad may not impact thousands of women and men? I think we should air it and allow people to make their own conclusions afterwards instead of censoring something that we all know will not contain nudity, adult language or adult content...there will be enough of those commercials during the superbowl as it is. I don't hear anyone trying to censor the many other ads that promote half naked women as sexual objects and other organizations' subliminal messages. We're ok with ads that devalue women but we're not ok with an ad that is pro-woman, pro-life, pro-family and pro-values? We need to re-evaluate ourselves as a society if this is true. I guess the real question to ask is "what harm will come from airing this ad?" I see no harm in it and until I hear a substantial reason for why it should not be aired I will support it.

The superbowl is February 7, 2010 at 6:00pm EST. I hope that many of you are not only tuned in to support football and your favorite team, but you're also tuned in to support Life.

President Obama recognized, in last night’s speech, that “the only reason we are here is because generations of Americans were unafraid to do what was hard.” But may we also add, to do what was right. We’re here because our mothers said “yes” to life. Because their government didn’t push them toward the hands of abortionists.

"Here’s what I ask of Congress, though: Do not walk away from reform. Not now. Not when we are so close. Let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the American people," Obama said. But he appeared to ignore the polling data that consistently shows the American people not only oppose the health care bill but oppose government funding of abortions in it. Simply renaming health care reform 'health insurance reform' will not solve Obama's political puzzle, or the underlying problems of the legislation. But this is typical of the president's approach to political obstacles -- change the language, not the substance, and people will drop their objections.

Mr. Obama said those in public office shouldn’t “avoid telling hard truths.” Most of us listening hold no office, but we can tell you this: No economic stimulus, no energy initiative or healthcare overhaul can ever replace the millions of lives this administration is seeking to kill.

President Obama also said, “…I promised I wouldn’t just do what was popular. I would do what was necessary.” So when most Americans are pro-life and some 65 percent of us want to reduce abortions, not encourage, fund and force them then we have to ask: how could that be necessary, Mr. President? We already know it sure isn’t popular.

The value of America is its people. Please, Mr. President, stop ending so many of their beginnings.
In actuality the only difference between this 12 week old baby and this 2 month old baby is their age. They are at different stages of human development but they are both undeniably living human beings. They are both biologically the same. Yet so often the baby on the left is not seen as a person. Personhood is so important for the pro-life movement. If we establish personhood for the unborn, we will not only make abortion illegal, but we will make it unthinkable.

When more than 300,000 people march in Washington, D.C., and the mainstream press is almost totally silent, bias is no longer an accusation but a fact. There was virtually no mainstream media coverage of the 2010 Walk For Life that took place to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade where abortion was legalized. It beckons the question: "Why so silent?"

Live Action also commented on this issue saying: "This is no accidental oversight, but a pointed refusal to report the work we do and the witness we present for life… unless, of course, it is the violent action of a lunatic claiming he is “pro-life,” in which case it will be on the front page. This is done so that many Americans can go on thinking we are a small fringe group of beady-eyed zealots instead of a large, thriving, growing community of millions of intelligent people of all ages and faiths."

It’s obvious that the mainstream media refuses to report with any integrity on what we do so here is how we need to counteract this:

First, we spread the word ourselves. Blogs like this one, and other social networking sites (twitter, facebook, myspace etc.), are an excellent way to spread the word about Life what’s really happening.

Second, we let the media know that we’re aware of their bias and are committed to exposing it. Pro-life groups and individuals can send press releases to newspapers, radio and TV stations, and individual journalists, urging them to be the one to tell the real story.

Third, we continue to support organizations that are committed to the truth and protecting human life at all stages.

Those of us who remain active for pro-life do so with hope that the value of human life will one day be globally recognized and protected. As a pleasant side effect, perhaps those who are supposed to be impartial are forced to look back in shame on their blatant bias, so that this movement eventually saves not only the unborn and their families, but the integrity of the media as well.

There's an interesting development with pro-life sidewalk counselors who talk to women going into abortion mills and offer life-affirming alternatives to abortion. Often times their efforts are impeded by escorts or more accurately termed: "deathscorts" These are pro-abortion individuals who surround women arriving at the abortion mill so that pro-life sidewalk counselors can’t let them know they have alternatives to abortion. The deathscorts wear bright orange vests to identify themselves. Well, at an abortion mill in Louisville, Kentucky, pro-life sidewalk counselors are wearing the same color vests. But they’re clearly marked as “Life Escort.” This may give them a precious few seconds to let the woman know there are other choices available besides abortion. In other words, they’re being truly pro-choice.

I have been told I am "anti-choice" by so many who consider themselves "pro-choice". To say that I am anti-choice is not only ambiguous, it's dishonest. My opposition to human abortion is not an opposition to choices, but an opposition to killing human life.

By definition, someone who is “anti-choice” would be opposed to ALL choices whether they be about feticide, stealing, or something as inconsequential as listening to public radio. If one opposes a man hitting his wife, is that person "anti-choice"? Of course not. It is an an opposition to violence, not an opposition to choices. I have heard time and time again the phrase "you want to take away women's choices". FALSE. I want to replace the choice of abortion with life-affirming choices. I'm not trying to take away choice, I'm trying to give hope to women and their unborn children not try to take anything away from them.

Even the term “pro-choice” is misleading. It isn’t that those who are “pro-choice” support all choices (surely they don’t support domestic violence); it is that they support the choice to abort a living human being. Which is why I believe that pro-abortion is more accurate because when you say "I support a woman's choice to have an abortion", you're really just adding a few extra words into the sentence "I support abortion". Opposing that choice isn’t anti-choice; it is rather anti-abortion or pro-human life rights. Now that is precise, logical, and scientifically accurate.

The core issue is not about choice any more than murder, slavery, and stealing are about choice. It is about what we do with living unborn human babies biologically developing inside and dependent on another human. Significant questions that need to be asked and answered are: Do these babies have rights and if so, what are they? Does the mother have rights and what are they? What do we do when these rights conflict? Do some rights take precedent over others?

My belief is that the right to life should supersede all other rights because without life no other rights would matter or exist. I believe that ALL human life is inherently valuable. That is why I am pro-life.

Walk For Life West Coast was held yesterday in San Fransico, CA. More than 30,000 pro-life advocates participated in the Walk For Life rally to show their support for Life. This first video is footage of the pro-life community peacefully walking, some with signs, but many just quietly walking in a public act against abortion. The second video is of the small pro-abortion group shouting and chanting, some even banging on instruments. Basically, just causing commotion and a lot of noise. What I found interesting was that the pro-lifers didn't have to shout or try to drown out the pro-aborts. Their actions spoke louder than words. The more than 30,000 men, women and children peacefully marched as the opponents seemed to desperately shout in a failed attempt to drown out the message from the day. Which is that when we come together peacefully in great numbers our actions will speak louder than words. Our message is love. We are not violent, loud, overbearing people. We are people who love life and are working to promote a culture of life and protect human beings at all stages. What a great turn out! Thank you to all who were there in body and spirit! Thank you for taking a public stand for Life.

According to a recent poll: Majority of Americans (56%) view abortion as morally wrong. There is strength in numbers....let's keep this number growing!

To view a detailed article of the poll results please visit this link:Marist Poll

I am proud of my fellow Americans that share the belief that while abortion is legal, that does not negate the fact that abortion is wrong. I believe that the pro-life community is making a huge impact on our society by declaring a respect for life. Keep up the efforts! We can make a difference and make history. Let's end the injustice. The innocent are counting on us.

Nick Cannon uses music to tell his story and stand up for life. Check out this music video of his song entitled: 'Can I Live'

This is an actual true life story about Nick. He chose to write this song about how his mother, who when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, chose Life. Much respect to Nick and his mom for sharing their story in such a powerful way and for respecting Life.
Why does the pro-choice anthem of "don't push your beliefs on me?" only apply to their view? Why are they now trying to push their beliefs on us, the pro-life community? We do not want to be forced to pay for abortions on demand so stop trying to force abortion in health care. The pro-aborts demand their right to choose to kill our unborn but what about our right to choose NOT to participate in abortions in any way shape or form, even in the form of our money forcefully going towards abortions on demand against our will? If you really are "pro-choice" then you should support an individual's right to choose to not have their money go towards abortion as oppose to forcing that type of legal obligation under any health care bill. Now don't misunderstand me, I am not against health care reform. I am against abortion and more specifically abortion in health care. I am thankful for the efforts from the pro-lifers in keeping this bill from easily passing through. Let's keep the pressure on and keep abortion OUT of health care!

Monday, January 18th, 2010 saw history remembered and also history in the making. Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January every year. It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. who was best known for his campaigns to end segregation and speak out against injustice. This year, on this commemorative day, another group of people were speaking out against injustice. This campaign was not just about race, though it is very much a large part of the issue. This campaign was about life. Planned Parenthood is building what will be the largest abortion facility in the U.S. right in the center of 4 minority neighborhoods in Houston Texas. Thousands of pro-life advocates were present outside this so called "super-center" to show Texas and the rest of the nation that they do not support this kind of slaughtering, abuse towards women and racial targeting in their backyards. Here is local news coverage of the rally outside this massive abortion facility.

To my fellow Lifers who were there in body and those who were there in spirit...thank you for standing up for what is right, for speaking out against injustice and for working to protect the innocent! We must keep shining a light on this issue and sharing the truth with love and compassion! I pray that we will soon have a holiday to commemorate the largest human rights movement of our time by first seeing an end to abortion. Thank you for staying true and providing hope for our future.

I have recently read quite a bit about Amendment 48 that Colorado For Equal Rights has succeeded in adding to the ballot but has not yet had success in passing as law. There is much debate surrounding the issue of "personhood". Advocates for life want to establish that from the moment of conception a new human being is created with it's own unique DNA and that each person should be protected under law. Science confirms that this is true and yet abortion is still legal and thousands of babies die everyday. Why is that? Because while pro-aborts will agree that DNA is present at the moment of fertilization they still deny the unborn human rights on the grounds that the unborn is somehow not a person. Establishing personhood is crucial for the pro-life movement. Without it, our opponents do not see the value of each individual human life regardless of age, sex, or circumstance and thousands of unborn continue to die DAILY. If we do not establish value for human life at it's beginning then how do we expect life not to be devalued throughout every stage in our society?

On October 11, 1972 the infamous case of Roe V. Wade was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court and opened the gateway to legalized abortions. An interesting series of statements made that day are worthy of quoting in defense of the unborn. Here is actual audio recordings from the Roe V. Wade case that proves why substantiating personhood would be detrimental to the pro-abortion perspective and why we need to establish PERSONHOOD NOW!

"A person's a person, no matter how small." -Dr. Seuss

The pro-aborts debate on this issue of personhood and their Anti-Amendment 48 campaign is nothing more than scare tactics. They know that if we embrace the idea of personhood and protecting ALL human beings at every stage of life then abortion WILL again become illegal and they think in dollar signs....the dollar signs will diminish if abortion is no longer a profitable industry and that is what they care about most - more than protection of life even. So they have come up with various lies to scare people out of the whole idea of Amendment 48 which simply works to establish dignity and rights to even the weakest of our kind. A few of these bogus scare tactics I've heard are:

  • women could be criminally charged for miscarriages
  • women could be criminally charged for neglecting their own health during pregnancy
  • it will disrupt access to healthcare, more specifically access to birth control

All of which are FALSE! Take the first argument about miscarriages for example: Basic criminal law principles state that there needs to be a guilty act that accompanies a guilty intent. Neither is present here. The woman does not intentionally will her body to miscarriage and therefore she could not be held legally responsible.

In regards to the second argument, the example given was that a women could be criminally charged for smoking during pregnancy or an even more absurd argument that a woman could be charged for driving a car while pregnant because it is even more dangerous than smoking and could be viewed as negligence. (I could not make this up...these are actual arguments from the opponents) It is not illegal for a parent to smoke around their child outside the womb so why would it be illegal for them to smoke while pregnant? With this ill-logic, then any mother who drives with their child in a car seat in the back of their van is a criminal? NO! That's absurd! These are poor attempts to scare the gullible out of doing the right thing!

The last argument about disrupt to healthcare is probably what throws most people off. Healthcare is a huge debate these days and you add that argument to the mix and people start second guessing. Truth is, the only "healthcare" that would be in jeopardy is the access to elective abortions. Which yes, is EXACTLY what the Amendment 48 is working to do. That's what pro-aborts are REALLY scared of and they should be. If Amendment 48 is put in place, then abortions will drastically decrease because each state will be able to determine when life begins and protect the unborn under state law. Which is why it needs the support of every pro-life American!

The main NCI acivist who got the agency to deny the abortion-breast cancer link has co-authored a study admitting the abortion-breast cancer link is true, calling it a "known risk factor." And yet the National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and other cancer fundraising businesses have made no efforts to reduce breast cancer rates by issuing nationwide warnings to women...
Read full article here: Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

So this is my attempt at not only abortion awareness but breast cancer awareness because studies show they are greatly related!

Yesterday, so many women were posting their bra color as their statuses on facebook as a casual way of raising breast cancer awareness. Well why not start posting this kind of life saving information as your facebook status instead? I guarantee you will save more lives this way than you would by sharing that you were wearing a pink bra.


Help spread awareness!

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