Planned Parenthood closed a total of 38 clinics in 2009, let's work on doubling that number in 2010!

A revocation of government funding, thanks in part to government budget cuts, is responsible for closing some centers. Planned Parenthood relies heavily on taxpayer funding of its operations. Taxpayer funding provides 33.7 percent of its total income. The year 2009 saw some significant strides in cutting state funding to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood in Indiana, for example, reported that most of the six clinics it closed there were closed because of the loss of funds from the state.

I also attribute this small victory over abortion to the fact that more pro-life advocates appeared outside abortion centers this past year -- helping women find positive alternatives. Sidewalk counselors are a vital part of the pro-life movement. Not only do they help pregnant women make positive choices and provide life resources but they simply show compassion and respect for life in such a way that literally save lives. Not just the lives of the unborn, but of women who otherwise would be bound to a lifetime of regret and hurt. In 2009, sidewalk counselors that were part of the 40 Days For Life Campaign were there with loving open arms when former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, needed support in her decision to quit the business after seeing a baby die right before her eyes during an ultrasound guided abortion. So you see, those Love Warriors who are out there on the frontline battling for Life in front of these abortion clinics are so valuable and need our prayers and support everyday!

In the upcoming years ahead we need to be more vocal, more accessible and more in the public eye if we're going to see a real change. The more people who know the truth, the less innocent lives will be taken and the less women will be hurt! I encourage everyone to get out there and make a difference somehow. Whether it be volunteering your time or resources to crisis pregnancy centers or sharing facts and hope to others through conversation or on your own social outlets like facebook, twitter, myspace or blogs. And of course voting for leaders and laws that support Life! If we as a nation unite on this issue we WILL see an end to abortion in our lifetime! I believe we can.

Thank you for all of your efforts during the 2009 year! Keep up the hard work in 2010 and keep the faith! God bless each and every one of you in the upcoming year!
I heart Huckabee! This man has taken an admirable stand against abortion and anyone who makes a conscious effort to end abortion earns respect in my eyes! Take a moment to listen to this powerful speech by Mike Huckabee:

TRUTH: Planned Parenthood targets minorities with their racist agenda....

Planned Parenthood wants the public to embrace the idea that their cause is about choice and about women's rights when in actuality, they have a hidden agenda that's foundation was built upon racism and hate. Don't be fooled by their slogans, they don't care about women, families or anyone...they care about money in their pocket and eliminating what founder Margaret Sanger quoted as "the undesirables". They've done a pretty good job so far of keeping the public in the dark, but together, we can expose the lies and reveal the truth about the abortion industry.

Pass on the facts....
The pro-abortion community preaches about how "safe" abortions are since becoming legal in 1973. As recent as September of 2009, Planned Parenthood abortion doctors have been quoted saying that "abortions are safer than having a baby". This is a bold face lie and here is an article that highlights studies proving that very statement to be FALSE. Follow this link to read the full article:

Legal abortions are NOT "safe" fact, 1 out of 5 women who have an abortion require a "surgical intervention" because they failed to abort and one third of women have adverse effects which include severe bleeding, half of which resulted in hospitalization. The death rate of women who have an abortion is THREE TIMES HIGHER than that of women who carry their baby to term. These are just some of the physical consequences of abortion. Women who choose abortion are also 2-5 times more likely to suffer from depression or have some sort of drug or substance abuse than women who chose life for their baby.

These are facts straight from published studies by respected gynecologists and physicians. The numbers don't lie. Abortion hurts women...mentally, physically and emotionally. Help bring an end to the hurt and injustice...pass on the facts. Share the truth with others through conversation or by re-posting these facts and other life-affirming information on your websites or blogs. By doing so, you will help in saving lives.

Check out this video and learn from Stephanie Gray of The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform as she gives a rational and scientifically supported answer to the question about when human life begins:

Content Warning: There are some graphic pictures depicting the violence of abortionagainst humans in the background of this scene although they are not the focus of the video.

Science proves that life begins at fertilization. This video answers the question of why life should be protected from the moment of conception and emphasizes that the right to life is not given, it is an inalienable right.

The worth of an individual is not ascribed by's endowed by the Creator. Life is a gift, not a reward. So the real question are you going to respond to the gift of life? Will you lovingly accept it OR will you ungratefully and selfishly reject the gift by terminating it?

"Gratitude for the gift of our life is our response to God's abundant love" -Henri Nouwen

Read this CNN Story of an Iowa mother who murdered her child with the defense that "she believed she was trying to save her sons from a life of suffering" when she cut their throats and her own. Her insanity plea was rejected, she was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The reason I have chosen to blog about this story is because I have heard that defense or more accurately - EXCUSE - that abortion is saving the child from a lifetime of suffering or a life without a "proper" upbringing. I have even heard those who are pro-abortion say "if the child is going to grow up in a bad environment or have a bad home life then we should put it out of its misery". This is an accepted theory in the pro-abortion community so my question is, If this defense doesn't hold up in court then why is it legal to kill an unborn child using the same flawed logic? If we wouldn't kill a child when it is born because of their "lack of future" then why on earth would we kill a child in the womb for the very same reason?

There are so many holes in the pro-abortion logic. All of which are filled with excuses. I have yet to hear a strong defense for abortion that has not been broken down to be nothing more than an excuse. Truth is...abortion's design and purpose is to not only eliminate the child, but eliminate what is viewed as a challenge too difficult to overcome. Every excuse I have heard from women is as a result of one reason and one reason only... the woman doesn't want to face responsibility or difficulty and a child simply gets in the way of what they want for their own life. No matter what the excuse "I can't take care of this baby" "I don't want this baby" "I can't give this baby a future" ....ALL point to one conclusion that the woman has come to in her mind "This is too hard, I can't deal with this" Because if this were not true and women really were thinking beyond themselves and thought about what was best for both she and the baby, not just what was best for her, then I believe women would approach the situation MUCH differently...they approach the situation as a crisis and instead of eliminating the crisis they choose to eliminate the child.
A much healthier and rewarding approach would be: "It's going to be hard but I can find a way to take care of this baby" "I didn't plan this baby, but I can give this baby to a family who does want a child and can give it a future".

I don't understand why women don't see adoption as an option more. With adoption the child has a chance to live a life with a family who will love them and take care of them. Abortion is permanent, final, there are no possibilities or hope for the child through abortion. It's as permanent a decision as it would be if you chose life. Once that life has been taken away, it is gone. But adoption gives that child a chance, no matter how small or great that chance may be, it is a chance to live out their purpose...hope for a future. And with hope...anything is possible.

I think the root of the problem here is that women feel hopeless and the hopelessness is what drives them to have an abortion. If a woman has an abortion because she feels she has no other options then it is not a choice, it is a last resort and we, as a society, have greatly failed her. I believe in my heart that more women would choose life if we gave them the hope they need. If we gave them the necessary resources they need to succeed as a mother and a woman. We as a society need to stop teaching that having a child is a burden or a task too great for the average woman to handle. Yes, it is a big job and yes it will have it's difficult moments but ask any mother you meet and they will tell you that the good heavily outweigh the bad! 97% of women who have chosen abortion regret that decision and would not recommend abortion to others. Out of the mothers who chose life for their babies....100% are satisfied with their choice. The numbers don't lie. So stop believing the lies that you can't or shouldn't and start believing you CAN and you WILL succeed if you simply Choose Life. You are not alone.

**more information and pregnancy resource center contacts are in the sidebar to the right of this blog if you are looking for more truth, straight answers or help...please check out those sites.

Life is a gift, not a reward.

For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

This song is from Ryan Scott who's biological mother was raped, yet despite her unspeakable pain, chose Life through adoption. Ryan explains, "This song simply says thank you for giving me a chance to love and be loved." May this song soften your hearts so that you can realize that life, no matter who you are, is a gift and not a reward.

To learn more about Ryan and his testimony go to:

The Radiance Foundation is an organization that was co-created by Ryan himself through which he and others use various forms of media, speaking engagements, multi-media presentations and community outreach efforts to illuminate the intrinsic value each person possesses. They educate audiences about societal issues and how they affect the understanding of God-given purpose. They also motivate people to positively affect the world around them. It is a beautiful vision with inspiring core values. Take the time to check out this site.

Planned Parenthood has released a statement in regards to the recent undercover video documented by the Live Action Team that exposes Planned Parenthood workers and physicians giving clients medically inaccurate and misleading information about abortion. Local news coverage of the story can be found: HERE.

Planned Parenthood claims that they "always provide legal and accurate information to patients from our medical personnel". Oh really? Well here are the TRUE FACTS about abortion provided by respected and highly educated physicians and medical journals: is a website that contains studies and statistical facts from trusted and respected medical journals. Now it's up to you to choose who you believe...the majority of the medical community or Planned Parenthood?

Expose the lies....pass on the facts. Share what you now know with friends, family, everyone you know either in conversation or by posting the information on your own websites like facebook, myspace, twitter or your own blog. We need to hold them accountable and to do that we must pull back the curtain and reveal their lies to everyone. Help spread the truth.

QUICK FACT: It is a felony to "disturb" a bald eagle egg but DESTROYING a human embryo is not only legal but it is encouraged. Bald eagles and even their eggs are protected under a law entitled the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act. How is it that we value other species above our own? It's senseless to me and so frustratingly disappointing. We are supposed to be the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet but we can't seem to understand that we are killing off our future generations. 1/3 of our youth never made it out of the womb. All of whom have died in the name of "choice".

I have heard every pro-abortion argument out there and I have not heard one single argument in support of abortion that was not some sort of excuse. And in my experience if you have to make an excuse for probably isn't something you should be doing. Stop making excuses and start respecting life! I truly believe that the heart of the issue is a gross lack of respect for life. If we don't value life at it's beginning and it's most vulnerable then how can we expect there to be respect for life in later stages? Rape, murder, abuse all of these things are a direct result of a disrespect for another human being's life. But if we're not teaching to respect life at it's core then why are we then appalled by the disrespect for it in those situations? We have not set a standard for life...and we NEED to. ALL LIFE IS VALUABLE and should be respected and defended. I think we would see a huge decrease in those kinds of harmful crimes against humanity if we protect life from the very start of its existence...which is conception. Scientists agree that life begins at conception and we have overwhelming evidence for this yet we still choose to believe what we want so that we can do whatever want.

Truth is....elective abortions were created so that women could elude responsibility. With our choices come responsibility and if we make such choices then we must be prepared to own up to those responsibilities...not make excuses for them and run from those responsibilities.
JUST RELEASED: The Live Action Team goes undercover to investigate medical misinformation and manipulation at Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry's giant! Watch the video here along more of their videos on their YouTube page or by going to

How can we expect women to make "informed decisions" when they are being MISINFORMED?! This is a clear example of how the abortion industry exploits women and lies to them just to make a sale. Because that is what they do...they SELL abortions. Abortions are not medical procedures that women NEED it is something that women are told that they need and should have! It doesn't cure any diseases or save any lives, in fact it does quite the opposite. It creates more problems and destroys lives in the process! Just a few of the risks and consequences or complications are increased depression with a higher statistic of suicide along with other emotional results and physical complications can range anywhere from infertility to death. It is NOT safe no matter what this abortionist says...childbirth is natural, ripping a child from the womb is not natural and it is a false statement that it is safer than giving birth! It is a tragic reality that women are not exposed to the truth but instead are fed lies by abortion supports. This only fuels my passion to work harder and find more ways and better ways of helping women make life saving choices not life ending ones.

Rise up with me and let's do our best to bring an end to abortion!
The Senate voted 54-45 to defeat the Nelson amendment that would have removed the massive abortion funding from the Senate government-run health care bill. With the defeat, pro-life advocates will unite behind a concerted effort to defeat the entire health care bill.

The legislation currently allows abortion funding under both the public option and the affordability credits to purchase health care insurance. If this plan goes through it will be the largest expansion of abortion on demand since Roe v. Wade and so many more women and children will be harmed by this monstrous atrocity. Our country needs our prayers. We simply cannot allow this kind of injustice to continue to happen across our nation. It is mind-numbing that we could be FORCED to have our hard earned money go towards something we are morally and religiously against!

Abortion does not cure any diseases or save lives for that in fact TAKES LIVES and for it to be considered health care then we should also include things like breast implants or liposuction because those too are "medical procedures" that do not cure disease or save lives. Should we also be forced to pay for someone else's boob job? They are better termed as "vanity procedures". Vanity is nothing more than excessive pride and abortion on demand is often nothing more than that...a selfish pride that allows you to choose yourself over everyone else regardless of the harm it may cause. We as a nation have failed to hold ourselves accountable for our behaviors, our lifestyles and our choices. With choice comes responsibility and accountability but abortion is a scapegoat for those things. We can still indulge in a reckless lifestyle because we have the "option" of eliminating the responsibilities and consequences of our careless choices. Abortion is a human devised way of escaping responsibility. Instead of making good choices to begin with we allow ourselves to make the poor ones with the safety net of just "taking care of it" later. "Taking care of it" is not an appropriate term for what truly occurs in that is the lack of care that enables a decision like that to be made.

The saddest part is that the abortion industry and their supporters have made this idea sound so good and so harmless and so empowering that there are those who truly believe it to be so. Young women believe the lies and then suffer from post abortion heartache for years often times for the rest of their lives. That is heartbreaking to me. Yet I do believe that there are many women who sincerely do not know the severity, the consequences and reality of abortion because they have never been told the truth. That is why I have chosen to speak louder and to do my best to make sure the truth is spread. Those women deserve to know the truth. They deserve better than abortion and so do their unborn children.

I pray that this bill does not go through for the sake of our future generations. May God have mercy on us if it does, in fact, go through.
Congressman Bart Stupak addressed the new ad paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America that is circulating the latest misinformation about the Stupak amendment. Read this article from Michigan News that uncovers the lies being generated by supporters in the Abortion Industry.Here is the the NARAL ad that falsely attacks Stupak and other Pro-Life leaders and the same ad that is talked about in the above article.

NARAL is not the only one producing false ads about the issue of abortion in healthcare. Their fellow abortion supporters at Planned Parenthood have made a public ad of their own that makes a series of false claims. Here is that ad with all of its misleading information....

If they are lying about something that has evidence and facts that can be proven against them then what is stopping them from lying about other abortion related issues? Let's see through the lies America. Pro-Abortion organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood are willing to lie in order to help propel their ideals and agendas and in turn lining their pockets with more money. This isn't the first time they have produced false ads and information. Every time NARAL or Planned Parenthood comments on issues like this, the public should be reminded of their questionable practices and roots.

New York City is the US abortion capitol with a shocking 756 abortions per 1,000 live births. See abortion data for every state here:
Abortion Data

When you put a face and a name to each of those numbers it should make your heart break because these are not just numbers, they are human beings. Little babies who are being slaughtered each day in our country for nothing more than the sake of "choice".

Women have clung to the idea that abortion is "empowering" but shouldn't it be more empowering to give life rather than to take life away? There are some women who can never have children for various reasons, men cannot have them at all, so shouldn't birth be viewed as a privilege, better yet, a gift? We have taken such an ungrateful attitude toward pregnancy and is miraculous and yes, should be empowering, yet thousands of women everyday choose to reject that power, that gift and disrespect life itself by choosing to abort. If we could look beyond ourselves we would see that abortion is a very selfish act and that giving life to a baby is the closest thing to a superhero power we have. Let's choose to be superheroes! Aren't they the ones that we admire, the ones who are dedicated to saving lives? Just a thought.

If you have chosen abortion I am not saying you are a villain. I understand there are circumstances surrounding your decision that drove you to make that choice and I do not begin to judge you for that. Regardless of our past decisions God's mercy is made new to us everyday. Lying is as equal to murder in God's eyes...therefor we are all guilty of some sort of wrongdoing...there is no better or worse to God which means I am no better than you and you are no better than me...we are equal in the eyes of God. He loves us both equally as much. He extends His forgiveness and mercy on all of us regardless of our shortcomings and despite the mistakes we will make even in the future. In knowing that, we have a hope and a future through Christ. With his forgiveness and love we can begin living the life He intended for us, a life that will honour Him in all that we say and do. He selflessly gave His life so that we may live, we should follow in his footsteps and selflessly live our lives for Him. Choosing life is a step in that direction.
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