To hear true testimonies from several former abortion providers please click on the picture or link below:

Meet The Abortion Providers

They help provide a clearer view of what exactly goes on in abortion mills across our nation, like Planned Parenthood. The lies, the coercion, the greed, and the reality of the abortion industry is described in detail by these testimonies of real people who worked behind the scenes at these abortuaries. All have since converted and now have a pro-life perspective because of their experiences. It is strong testimonies by people like these that truly expose the chilling reality of abortion and what it does to not only children, but to women and men. With all of the damaging evidence against abortion it leaves me to ask the question "How is abortion still so prevalent?" The only answer I can come up with for that question is that there are still so many people who do not know the truth. They are still being spoon fed lies. For this very reason I feel it is the responsibility and duty of those of us who know the truth to share it, to speak it, to spread it to those who may not know. The more who know the truth, the less pain and suffering there will be in the world because there will be fewer abortions...people will know better.

I encourage everyone to do your own researching, and do your own part in sharing the truth. Our nation needs us so badly. Shine a light on the darkness that is abortion. You could directly or indirectly be a part of saving lives! For those who are already involved in what I like to call the "Pro-Hope" movement...thank you and God bless you! You are making a huge difference in this world! I believe we can see an end to abortion in our lifetime. With the help of each other and with the almighty power of God...we will have victory over death!
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