Friends of Life, 

In nearly every election, people try to minimize the Life issue.
Think about it, how many times have you heard someone say that voting pro-life doesn’t change things or that it won’t have an impact? Maybe you have heard it so many times that you have started to believe it yourself. Don't.

During this, the 111th Congress, we watched in horror as lawmakers passed a health care bill that allowed the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion in American history . What’s worse, they passed this bill over the strong objections of the American people.

The fact is, we could have prevented this expansion of abortion with a single vote. If one pro-life Senator had held fast, the outcome could have been completely different. 

The Life issue was decided on one vote

Elections have consequences, and in light of the health care law, this election is extremely consequential. Tomorrow, on November 2, 2010, you have the power to change things. And tomorrow, you can elect a pro-life Congress. 

Let’s replace pro-abortion politicians with pro-life leaders – let’s elect people of principle, people who will stand for Life when it really counts. Tomorrow is our moment. 

This year, vote for Life and tell your friends to vote for Life. Share this website with everyone you know.

Let’s make sure that the 112th Congress is the most pro-life Congress in American history.  

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