New York City is the US abortion capitol with a shocking 756 abortions per 1,000 live births. See abortion data for every state here:
Abortion Data

When you put a face and a name to each of those numbers it should make your heart break because these are not just numbers, they are human beings. Little babies who are being slaughtered each day in our country for nothing more than the sake of "choice".

Women have clung to the idea that abortion is "empowering" but shouldn't it be more empowering to give life rather than to take life away? There are some women who can never have children for various reasons, men cannot have them at all, so shouldn't birth be viewed as a privilege, better yet, a gift? We have taken such an ungrateful attitude toward pregnancy and is miraculous and yes, should be empowering, yet thousands of women everyday choose to reject that power, that gift and disrespect life itself by choosing to abort. If we could look beyond ourselves we would see that abortion is a very selfish act and that giving life to a baby is the closest thing to a superhero power we have. Let's choose to be superheroes! Aren't they the ones that we admire, the ones who are dedicated to saving lives? Just a thought.

If you have chosen abortion I am not saying you are a villain. I understand there are circumstances surrounding your decision that drove you to make that choice and I do not begin to judge you for that. Regardless of our past decisions God's mercy is made new to us everyday. Lying is as equal to murder in God's eyes...therefor we are all guilty of some sort of wrongdoing...there is no better or worse to God which means I am no better than you and you are no better than me...we are equal in the eyes of God. He loves us both equally as much. He extends His forgiveness and mercy on all of us regardless of our shortcomings and despite the mistakes we will make even in the future. In knowing that, we have a hope and a future through Christ. With his forgiveness and love we can begin living the life He intended for us, a life that will honour Him in all that we say and do. He selflessly gave His life so that we may live, we should follow in his footsteps and selflessly live our lives for Him. Choosing life is a step in that direction.
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