Before you can make and informed decision or conclusion about abortion you should understand exactly what abortion is and what abortion does. Listen to a real doctor give the facts about abortion and also the risks by going to this website: Abortion Procedure & Risks. In this video, Dr. Joseph De Cook states:
"It is healthier for the woman to carry the child than it is to abort."

For more facts about the abortion procedure and to see medical illustrations of the different types of abortion techniques go to: This will give you a visual understanding without the use of graphic images. Some feel that the graphic images of abortion and aborted babies is "vile", "disgusting" and "too much to handle" and I will agree with them so I will not show any of those images here. I do believe that there are some of us who NEED to see those images before we truly come to grips with what abortion is. But not all of us are ready. I was one of those people who needed to see the raw was only then did I truly understand and realize the truth that abortion savagely, callously and inhumanely kills a human life. Until I saw the truth exposed in those raw images I just thought "Abortion is bad." now I know, abortion is murder. Until you feel the shock of that reality, you will not feel the heartache for the unborn and for the post-abortive women, you will not have the passion to protect life at all stages and you will not understand the violation that occurs from the perilous act of abortion. If you truly thought about and accepted the fact that abortion is an irreversible act of killing then you, like me, could not support it or endorse it. There is no excuse or "right" that should outweigh the value of a human life. Not money, not status, not circumstance...nothing we tell ourselves can justify or reason sentencing innocent unborn children to death and in turn sentencing a woman to a lifetime of pain and regret. Surely we can all come to the conclusion that there are better, healthier, safer, and more noble solutions than abortion.

A post-abortive woman once told me that "Those graphic images may make people turn away their heads in order to not have to see the gruesome reality and in turn, turn their heads and hearts away from the truth you have to speak, if they turn away from the truth then they will never understand why abortion is wrong. I think it is a much more powerful statement and will result in more positive responses if you show pictures and videos of life inside the womb...the miracle of life...a baby dancing in her mother's safe sanctuary."

I, too, agree with her. In many cases an image of an ultrasound, sonogram or picture of a baby in the womb is sometimes all a person needs to see in order to choose life. Seeing a baby smile, or suck their thumb or move around inside the womb can be a life changing experience. I know for me, personally, I was able to see a 4D image of my second born nephew, Elliott and I fell to the floor in tears. To see him smiling there on the screen still in the womb was a powerful emotional and spiritual experience. I can only imagine how I will react when I see my own child's ultrasound someday. You realize that the baby is in fact ALIVE and active and CUTE! :) You can see a little bit of their personality and their appearance (mommy's nose, daddy's lips) You quickly put it together that they are a miracle, they are a living, breathing human miracle. Those images should speak for themselves.

To see medical illustrations of the prenatal development of human beings go to:
OR watch this video of the development of babies from conception to birth.

Some people need to see both images. In fact, I think the majority of people today need to see both sides. Both are very real and both are important in understanding each vital part of the decisions to be made regarding pregnancy, life, and abortion. If abortion is a "choice" we need to be certain, and without any doubts, or misconceptions of what that choice really is. You need to first understand all the facts about what happens during each stage of a pregnancy and also what happens during each stage of abortion, only then will you be able to make a fully informed decision.

"If you haven't seen what abortion does, then you will never understand what abortion actually is." --Clenard Howard Childress, Jr., Life Education And Resource Network

"The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body."
--Katherine Hadley
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