Abortion takes away a lifetime of choices....

The largest argument in defense of abortion is that "it is a woman's choice". My response to this argument is that many women don't even know what that choice is. They don't know what abortion is and what it does not only to the unborn child, but to themselves. They don't understand the risks involved and the lifelong consequences of exercising their "choice".

By giving the woman a choice to take the life of her child we are taking away the rights of that child and not giving them a chance to live and to make a lifetime of choices that could positively impact all of us. Any of the children who have been aborted could have held the cure to cancer or have found the answer to other global issues. But all that potential is gone. Before we make any decision in our lives we need to think about the possibility that our actions not only effect us but they can impact everyone around us. So often people argue that a woman's choice is hers alone and doesn't effect anyone but herself. But we all know that is false. The baby is directly effected, families are indirectly effected and we as a nation are effected. The potential life changing impacts that child may have bestowed upon us is just one of the many examples of how abortion effects us all. And I truly believe that a lack of respect for life on this level is a leading reason for the lack of respect as a whole in our society. If we can't respect life at it's core, at it's beginning, then how can we expect respect for life in later stages. Rape, murder, sexual abuse, etc. are all examples of a lack of respect for human life. We haven't established that respect for life at it's start (in the womb) and that lack of respect is seen throughout society through various crimes like these. So you see, again, how abortion truly does effect us all.

How can one person's right to choose take away another person's right to live? Shouldn't the right to life supersede all other rights? Without life no other rights would matter or exist. So how does a woman's right to choose, override a child's right to live?
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