For all those who have denied that abortion is not in the new healthcare bill that our government is trying to pass...believe it. Follow this link to read the latest news that PROVES that abortion funding is in fact in the healthcare bill.

Regardless of whether or not you are "pro-choice" or "pro-life" you should be against taxpayers being forced to pay for abortions. Abortion does not help or cure any diseases and yet if this healthcare bill gets put into place it is going to create more abortions and increase the number of medical complications not to mention increase the number of women who will suffer from the emotional, physical, and mental effects of abortion. Such a procedure that hurts more women and children than it helps should NOT be part of our healthcare.

Contact your representatives at: and tell them you want to VOTE NO to abortion in healthcare! Be a voice...speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect and respect life at all stages!

For every woman who participates in an abortion, there is a man. Although men are less likely to seek recovery, they suffer from many of the same emotional feelings as women.

I think most of us (myself included) often forget that abortion effects men too. We understand that abortion fatally harms children, we can even acknowledge that abortion hurts women but many of us don't realize or think about the fact that men too are hurt by abortion. I think this man's testimony speaks for many and I commend him for his courage and integrity!

There is healing and restoration to ALL who have been involved in an abortion. There are millions who have gone through many of the same emotions and the same hurt. The key to finding healing is to seek help. It is a sign of strength and courage to ask for help. There are some burdens that we're not meant to carry alone. There are people who want to be there for you and help you to get through whatever difficult situation you may find yourself in. You are not alone.

Here are a few organizations to provide you with the help you may be seeking :

Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserve unplanned joy!
While an unplanned pregnancy can be seen and felt as initial shock, fear, and panic, if given time to really think about it, not just fret about it, I think most if not all women will realize that their pregnancy, while unplanned, is still something to be happy and excited about. Yes, a baby will change your life...but I believe the change will be in more good ways than bad. Don't underestimate yourself when it comes to raising a child, no matter what the situation...You can do this. There are people who want to help you throughout your pregnancy and should you decide to keep your baby, there are people who want to support you in making sure you and your baby are taken care of! There are pregnancy resource centers across the U.S. that exist for mother's experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are there to help regardless the circumstances. Consider your baby a gift, not a penalty, doing so will make all the difference in the world.

This is a video of the new ultrasound technology that gives us a window into the womb so that we can see the miraculous development of life and watch babies growing before our eyes.

This is what unplanned joy looks like! :)

The following videos are testimonies from Feminists For Life. These women share their personal stories of why they are pro-life and why they are involved with this group that works to help women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with support, resources and compassion. Each give an insight to the reality that most women do not have abortions as a matter of choice but because they feel they have no resources to support a different option. There is no simple solution to an unplanned pregnancy...but positive support and resources are essential to help women when making a life changing decision. If a woman feels she has no other option but to have an abortion than we as a society have failed her! There needs to be more support and resources for these women. Women deserve better than abortion.

"The right to life should supersede all other rights because without life, no other rights would matter or exist."

This is not a quote by anyone famous or well-known....this is a definitive conclusion that I myself came to while considering the the argument of "a woman's right to choose" vs. "the unborn's right to live". For me....this statement should shatter all of the Pro-Choice arguments because the statement is unarguably true. If you or I were not living human beings, than our right to choose, our right to free speech, or any other right commonly fought for, would be non-existent. There would be no life to enforce such rights, there would be no life to protect such rights and there would be no life to create such rights. Without the establishment of life...there would be no reason for human rights to be established. Therefor I believe we should defend the right to life above all other rights. The right to life should override all other rights regardless of circumstances.

I want to share with you, a lecture given by Stephanie Gray from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform entitled: "Abortion: Human Right or Human Rights Violation?" It was a part of Go Life: U of A Campus Pro-Life's Life Week 2009 guest lecture series. The sound quality is poor but you can still understand her speech. I think she makes some excellent points that address many pro-choice and pro-life arguments. (**There are no graphic images in these videos)




I like that she presents the information in a way that gives valid comparisons and at the same time is not condemning anyone or attacking anyone. She is addressing the behavior of abortion not the people who have abortions or support abortions. I think this important because many women and men have already fallen victim to the choice of abortion and feel deep sorrow and regret because of it and can be led to believe that anyone who opposes abortion is also against them. This is not at all true. In fact, most of the Pro-Life supporters I have met, including myself personally, do not want to condemn or judge women and men for what they have done or what they stand for but instead embrace them for who they are and want to help to find healing and hope after abortion and to bring to others' attention the true reality of what abortion is.

Anyone who has had an abortion is not less worthy of my love and respect than someone who has not had one. In fact, those who have said that they regret their abortion and express the after math of what abortion did in their lives (like the women of Silent No More Awareness and others who have come forward to say that they wish abortion was never made available to them) Those people have SO MUCH of my respect! Because I know how difficult it is must be to say that, to have gone through what they went through and be able to talk about it takes so much courage and strength and I admire those who do so. If you are an abortion victim and have chosen to speak the truth about are a hero in my eyes. You can help others with your testimony. You have purpose and dignity just as much as the rest of us. You are an important part in all of this. You have first hand experience and that makes you a powerful witness. You represent courage, strength, resilience, dignity, and truth. That is the kind of character and integrity I can certainly admire. My love and prayers go out to all of you. You are not alone.

What does Eugenics, Abortion, & Planned Parenthood all have in common? The answer to that question is: more than you think. There is a documentary entitled Maafa21 which reveals the true motives behind the abortion industry. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that connects racism and genocide to Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider. Through quotes by Eugenicists, Politicians, and other public figures as well as through our own country's history it is revealed that the underlying motives of Planned Parenthood and that of their supporters is not merely coincidence. Did you know that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Is her vision being fulfilled today? Read these statistics and decide for yourself....

Abortion has claimed the lives of over 13 million blacks in the last 30 years. It is the leading cause of death in African Americans. More blacks are killed by abortion than heart disease, cancer, AIDS and other violent crimes COMBINED.

The CDC reports that of the approximately 4000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1452 of them are performed on African American women and their pre-born children. This means that although African Americans represent only 12% of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country. 1 in 2 black children are aborted. 50% of the African American population are killed by abortion. 78% of abortion clinics are in minority communities. These are staggering statistics and should grab our attention and question motives.

Here is a clip from the documentary that shows the undeniable racist agenda of Planned Parenthood....

Here are a few quotes from the film that I found powerfully sobering.

"Terms like pro choice and reproductive rights and family planning are nothing more than marketing slogans. They are just code words that organizations like Planned Parenthood use to hide the fact that we are voluntarily submitting to mass suicide."

"They have imposed that the key to racial genocide is not in killing people but in convincing the target group to commit mass suicide. And the reason Planned Parenthood has been so successful is because unlike other eugenics organizations they have always been able to keep their agenda hidden from the public. In fact, sometimes, they are even able to keep it from their own people. I will assure you that there are Planned Parenthood workers and volunteers who have no idea what they are actually involved in. Then there are others who will look you right in the face and tell you that racism was not the driving force behind the American Eugenics Movement. But the truth is that if slavery had never existed, Planned Parenthood would not exist today."

"Every time one eugenics strategy failed another was invented to take its place, it would be a pattern that would be continued from one generation to the next until they finally discovered the strategy that worked."
(that strategy being abortion or mass suicide.)

We can't be be naive and need to realize the fact that in the 1960's when African Americans began to demand civil rights for the first time in American history there began a widespread cry in our government for legalized abortion. This is not coincidence. And we need to speak out and tell our nation that enough is enough....we are not going to let this happen anymore and that we need to bring an end to this hidden racial agenda. There needs to be an end to abortion.

You can watch much of this documentary in parts or in clips on youtube. I strongly encourage you to do so if you don't have the means to purchase the film. I want to end by sharing an interview with congressman Trent Franks about the film, he has some powerful things to say and think about. We as a nation need to realize that the eugenics movement that is occurring in our society today is wrong and needs to stop.

I felt a great need to write a blog today that shares my heart. I have been posting a lot of articles, videos, quotes and my opinions about the topic of abortion and I have stated in one of my older blogs the reason why I have become so passionate about it but I don't think I've made clear my purpose in it all. I wanted to make it clear that I am not merely making a religious stand against abortion....yes, my faith has something to do with it and I am not at all ashamed to say that but that's not the full story. And the truth is that speaking out against abortion is far from easy. I have opened myself up to criticism, to hate, to judgment and risk losing support of friends and family. I would not open myself up to any of that if I didn't feel a strong conviction to speak out. It would be much easier to just keep quiet and to not share my thoughts, feelings and information I've learned with anyone. But because so many of us have been silent is the reason things have gotten to where they are. I'm willing to break out of my comfort zone and risk it all in order to help just one person. So that is what this is really all about.

I am typically a reserved person who will often only speak when spoken to...I can be kind of shy and somewhat passive, but I can't be about this. The reason why is because not only are unborn children dying but women are suffering too. I think society often focuses on the unborn and forgets that their are women who are just as much a victim as those babies. I know now that our focus needs to be even more on the women who are considering abortion and those who have already fallen victim to it. We cannot ever judge these women because we have no idea what kind of inner turmoil they are dealing with or what brought them to the place of hopelessness and desperation whether it be fear and shame because of an unplanned pregnancy or it could be fear, shame, regret because of a past abortion. The fact is that everyone of those women need hope, they need someone who cares, they need help to get through their difficult situations. They don't need us judging them that is for sure! I believe God has called me to be a representative for Him, to share with others His love and the hope and forgiveness He offers to all of us.

"He has sent me to bandage the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from the darkness for the prisoners..." (Isaiah 61:1)

Maybe I want too much to save the world because that is just the person I am. If someone is hurting, I want to help. I want to make people smile I want to see good things happen in people's lives. And my passion truly is in helping my fellow women. So for any woman reading this....if you are struggling with anything in your life...anything at doesn't necessarily have to be abortion, but if you need someone who will just listen and care about YOU and genuinely wants to help you live the life God has intended for you...a full and happy life...then please contact me. If I can't help I want to help you find someone who can. But please know that my arms are wide open to embrace you exactly as you are. That comes straight from my heart.

I personally have made some terrible mistakes in my past, things I am not proud of, things that have haunted me and that I regret...but what helped me get through those times and what will get me through any rough spots ahead was and will be God Himself along with family and friends who care enough to listen and to help me get back on track. I want to be that kind of friend to you. Someone who will listen and do whatever I can to help. You don't have to share any details with me, you can simply write me and say: "I'm struggling with something in my life, could you please just pray for me." And I would feel blessed to pray for you and/or with you. I just want to be a source of help and a bridge to hope for people.

I want to share with you a few verses that have spoken to me and comforted me personally....

"This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live." -Deuteronomy 30:19 (He wants all of us to choose life...not just regarding abortion but as an everyday live a life of love by accepting and following Christ.)

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land." -2 Chronicles 7:14 (It is so comforting to know that no matter what we have done in our past or how many times we screw up God is a forgiving God...all we have to do is ask.)

Anyone who belongs to Christ gets a fresh start, is created new. The old life is gone; a new life begins! -2 Corinthians 5:17 (This may be one of my favourite verses of all time! Through Christ we are made BRAND NEW...we have a fresh start...our past is forgiven and is no longer who we are. This helped me personally in my own life. I was struggling with guilt and regret and this verse helped me to let go of it all and see myself as a new person...I am not the person I once was, in fact that person is unrecognizable to me now (although I'm still FAR from perfect) My past does not define me, I am no longer bound by my regrets because God has wiped the slate clean and I can live my life free from my past. I am so thankful for the truth and freedom in the words of this verse.

Finally, I want to ask of anyone reading this that you pray for me. As I said before, this is not easy. I know some may think that I am just talking to hear myself talk or that I am being self righteous by speaking up and saying what is on my heart because much of what I say is controversial and this is a sensitive topic but the truth is....I'm scared to death to be doing what I'm doing. I'm definitely not doing it for the hell of it. As I said before, it would be so much easier to just be silent. I'm scared of my words being misinterpreted, I'm terrified by the responsibility that comes with taking this issue on, I'm afraid of personally being judged by all of you...I am human like the rest of you. I need encouragement, I need prayers, I need love and hope. We all have something in common...we need each other whether we want to admit it or not. This is me acknowledging that I need all of you. I need your prayers and support. I appreciate each one of you who are supporting me whether it be silently or those of you who have been emailing me or calling me to tell me you have been praying for me or that you stand behind me in this. Please continue to pray for me. I very much need your prayers.

Thank you so very much.
"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Wiesel

Those are the words of a Holocaust survivor. Someone who endured some of the worst suffering and inhumane cruelty in our world's history. Many compare abortion to a present day Holocaust. I wanted to compare for myself the similarities of each catastrophic tragedy and this is what I discovered....

*Both have a form of extermination facilities for the sole purpose of killing large numbers of humans at a time.
--One is termed gas chamber the other is termed abortion mill or abortion clinic.

*Both are a form of mass murdering that result in the death of millions of innocent victims.

-- Holocaust: 6 million Abortion: 50 million (and counting)

*Both justified acts secondary to the belief that the victims are not fully human.

*Both killed by licensed doctors

*Both infringe on a person's rights
--both take a person's right to life

*Both kill for the sake of being able to kill without just reasons and without legal consequences
--this is also termed as genocide

Here are a few visual comparisons:

Women and children entering gas chambers during the Holocaust...

Women and children entering abortion mills....

None of the Holocaust victims will come out alive
and at least one half of the Abortion victims will not come out alive

(in some cases of abortion, the mother will die too)

Abortion Supporters

Nazi Supporters

Both have found followers that support the killing of innocent human lives
Shouldn't we learn from history? Just because someone comes along to say that genocide is OK doesn't mean it is OK and that we should make it legal, acceptable and easily accessible.

I pray that our nation will wake up and realize that we are in the midst of a modern day Holocaust and that we will someday soon, stop the genocide of our own human kind. We need to become part of the Resistance. Speak out against the mass murdering that is happening in our land! Help to bring an end to abortion. Be part of the solution, part of the rescue team. When the history books are written I want to be on the side of truth on the side of love and compassion. What side do you want to be on? We must choose sides just as Elie Wiesel says because "neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim". Let's write history that our future generations will be proud to read. Let's not go down in history as a dark plague era. We can give our future generations hope and better place to live simply by choosing life.
Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. So the real question today is not when human life begins, but, What is the value of human life?

Everyone argues: But it is the mother's CHOICE. Let's talk about what that "choice" really is....

Webster's Dictionary definition of abortion:
"the termination of a pregnancy resulting in the death of the embryo or fetus."

Let's break it down to understand what it all really means...

definition of Termination: to bring to an end to, to stop or to limit something from happening; to end or limit existence.

definition of Pregnancy: containing a developing embryo, fetus or unborn offspring within the body

definition of Death: the end of life, the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism; extinction, destruction, life coming to an end

definition of Embryo: the early stages of human development within the womb up to the end of the second month

definition of Fetus: unborn young; a human infant from the eighth week of development to birth; from the latin meaning young one

So as you can clearly see by definition, abortion is the intentional destruction, distinguishing or death of a human life. We will fight for the sanctity of life for human lives outside the womb but even though science proves that life begins at conception we still
have so many that fight for the right of women to kill the very weakest of our human species, the very life inside them, our unborn babies. They speak as though a woman's right to choose is respectful, harmless and empowering. What is respectful about killing a defenseless human life who did nothing to provoke such an execution? What is harmless about ending a life and in some cases even hurting the mother? And what is empowering about an undeniably stronger person intentionally killing the weakest and most defenseless of our human kind? That is what we would otherwise call an unfair fight. What gives the mother more power and rights over her child's right to live? The right to life should override any other rights because without life, no other rights would matter or exist. So regardless of whether or not the mother doesn't want the child or can't afford the child or whatever the excuses may be those rights which have become severely selfish should never supersede the right of the child to have life. To have a fair chance at life.

I hear so much from society about what is "fair" or what we "deserve"...what is truly fair about abortion? Does any child deserve to die to an abortionists knife? People preach about equal rights and that God created all men when did we take such a hypocritical stand when it comes to abortion? Shouldn't those unborn children have just as much a right to live as we do?! We have grown to be so much of a selfish society and have an "every man for himself" attitude that we have made such an undeniably selfish act seem acceptable. I am standing out today to say this is wrong. No one should die simply because someone else wills it so. How arrogant of us to think that we can decide who should live or die.

Did you know that if someone kills a pregnant woman and in turn the baby dies it is considered a double homicide? The Unborn Victims of Violence Act protects "the child in utero" and actually defines the unborn as a member of the human species therefor protecting it by law against a violent act resulting in death. Of course this law does not apply to deaths resulting from abortion....but why? Isn't it the same concept? A death of a baby still occurs in the case of abortion and yet the child is not protected by law and there is no accountability for this type of murder. There is a sense of double standards here. We can't say we are going to protect human lives in some cases and then not do so in others. It doesn't uphold a respect for life. And without a global respect for life how do we expect disrespect for life not to occur? (ie: rape, molestation, murder, etc.)

Something to seriously consider......

These are all great informational videos so I decided to post them all in one blog. Please take the time to watch each of them and feel free to re-post them on your blog or other websites. The truth can't be heard, spread or understood if we keep it to ourselves. Start sharing. :)

Learn more facts not only for yourself but that you can share with others at:

We just want definitive wording that will exclude abortions from the new health care reform. Why is our government not taking a clear stand on this? Every other document you read is explicitly written so there is no room for argument. Let's close the gap by making the health care reform very clear and leave no room for loop holes that will force tax payers dollars to fund abortions in America. That's all we are asking. We're not against reform...we are against tax payer-funded abortions.

71% of Americans oppose tax-payer funded abortions.

Contact your congressman at: and tell them you want to keep abortion out of health care.

She makes some great points! We need to put our differences aside and come together on this issue of abortion. You don't have to be affiliated with a specific religion or political party to be in support of life. I believe that is a very precarious view on the subject. Base your support on truth, not ideology. We need all the Love Warriors we can get to fight this battle for LIFE and we can't expect them all to fit into a certain mold. If you're willing to stand up for life than I am proud to stand beside you regardless of other agendas you support. I may not agree with everything you believe in but we can agree on this issue and should certainly fight this together!

For those visiting my blog for the first time you may not know that I have chosen to take a vocal stand in support of life at all stages. I have done lots of research on the topic and share information I have found as well as my own personal thoughts on the issue. Some disagree with me, which is OK, and others share my passion. Ultimately, the purpose of my writings is to endorse truth and life by taking a humanitarian approach to the subject. This is not a political or religious debate I am trying to win. I am simply trying to be a bridge to hope and peace. Saving lives of women, children and men is more important to me than being right, or being liked, or being accepted. My goal is to speak the truth with love and understanding. Not to judge or condemn but to extend my arms to embrace all who need to hear the truth and need love and hope restored in their lives.

Recently the topic of rape and abortion has come up. And although this is merely 1% of the abortion statistics, it is still important to consider.

I want to first say that I am so sorry to any woman that has been subjected to such an inexcusable act. Rape is not something I will ever justify, condone or tolerate. It is the ultimate violation of the self that no woman should ever have to endure. It breaks my heart to hear that rape even occurs. And with the abortion issue aside, I want to ask those women who might be reading are you coping with the post effects of it? You don't have to share your story with me, but I want you to know that I sincerely care about your well being (physically, emotionally & mentally) and I would like to help you find someone you can talk to about it because I know it can be a heavy weight to carry and no one should have to carry it alone. I hope that if you haven't already sought help and healing that you do so. The first resource for rape victims that comes to mind is Mercy Ministries They are just one resource where you can find the help and support you need but I know there are many organizations who want to help restore your hope and help you to live a full and happy life after the tragedy you experienced. I encourage you to seek places that offer therapeutic help for your individual needs.

I am not at all trying to diminish the level of hurt that comes with being a victim of rape. It is very real, it is beyond a tragedy and the magnitude of this horrible crime cannot be measured. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to suffer from it. My perspective on the abortion-rape issue is that the woman has already been a victim who has been violated and abortion puts that same woman in a situation that will violate and victimize her yet again. So my first argument is in defense of the woman. I would not want to put her through more pain and even more suffering after she has already experienced so much.

My second defense is for that of the innocent unborn baby. A life is a life...and though the woman is a victim, let's not make the child a victim as well. That baby had no direct part in the rape of the woman and should not be punished for the behavior of the offender. I am not my mother just as I am not my father...I am my own individual person and equally, each baby is its own individual self, a separate entity from the mother and the father. Despite being a product of both, he or she stands alone as an individual human being and should not be judged by the faults of his or her father. I know that is very hard to do because there has been a very traumatic event that has taken place but I'm just asking you to consider that objective.

If the woman is not willing and/or able to raise or parent that child than I would suggest adoption. Consider this analogy: If there is a well known enemy (the rapist) and you saw a helpless baby crying, that has been abandoned and left for dead and you knew this baby was the enemy's child would you save that child and gift it to someone who would love and care for it or even care of it yourself? If you would, then I would consider you a hero with great courage and compassion. Heroes to me are ordinary people in extraordinary situations who say "Although it's tough I am willing to rise to the occasion and do whatever it costs to do what is right despite the pain and even if others are against me." There are so many who cannot have children and your selfless act of choosing to adopt out that child would be a blessing to some young couple that otherwise would never be able to experience parenthood.

Ultimately, I think it is best to turn a situation that was intended for evil and turn it into something good. Men who rape women obviously have no respect for life when they violate a woman like that but, turning around and violating the life of a baby doesn't endorse the respect of life either. It does not justify the damage that has been done, it just creates more adversity. The way to overcome evil is with good.

But if you don't agree with anything I have said I am not going to even begin to judge you or think any less of you. I am certainly in no position to judge anyone. That is not what I am about. I'm simply asking you to consider all the options and look at the whole picture in a situation of rape that results in a pregnancy. For me, giving life is always a better alternative to taking a life regardless the situation.

I would like to end with this: There is hope in knowing that God can give beauty from ashes.(Isaiah 61:3) He can create good from truly devastating situations. (I could share some of my own testimonies of this) I pray that He turns your pain(whatever it may be) into purpose.

Here is a video that has inspired this thought provoking topic:

Love and prayers
This is a brave and sincere testimony from a young man who suffered from the loss of fatherhood after his young girlfriend had an abortion. Abortion doesn't just effect women and regret, hurt and mourn too. It takes a real man with courage to tell his story to the world. This man is a hero in my eyes and I know his unborn baby is proud of him too. We need more men like this to step forward and to stand up for what is right. There is no shame in admitting you made a mistake. In fact, that kind of honesty grants you integrity. My heart and prayers go out to all of the men dealing with the aftermath of abortion. You are not alone.

There is hope and healing for men after abortion.

There are people who care.
Here are a few organizations to provide you with the help you may be seeking :
Love heals. Hope restores. The truth sets you free.

Such a brave and powerful testimony.

My hope and prayer is that her testimony will help a woman who may be hurting to seek help and find healing after an abortion and that it will prevent other women from making the same choice.

There are those who care.

Here is a short list of a few organizations who can offer help:

**IMPORTANT!** Please read this message in
its entirety and take action immediately!!

In a direct attack on 40 Days for Life and the rights
of local pro-life sidewalk counselors, the Chicago
City Council on Wednesday passed a new ordinance
intended to cripple 40 Days for Life and silence pro-
life free speech within a 50 foot "Bubble Zone"
around abortion facilities.

The new city ordinance will not only block sidewalk
counseling and pro-life signs within 50 feet of all
entrances to an abortion facility, it would also
prevent any pro-lifer from being within eight feet of
an abortion customer without getting that person's
permission. Anyone found in violation could be fined
up to $500.

The law is such a clear violation of First Amendment
Constitutional rights that even the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU) -- no friend of the pro-life
movement -- sided with local pro-life interests in
opposing aspects of the ordinance.

According to observers at the council meetings, a
Planned Parenthood representative testified that pro-
life vigils make it difficult for women to reach
their "services," while a representative from a local
late-term abortion facility (that has seen business
detrimentally affected by 40 Days for Life) directly
mentioned the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil as reason
to pass the ordinance.

While this is a setback for the Chicago 40 Days for
Life, I want to emphasize that this is NOT merely a
Chicago issue. Planned Parenthood and the abortion
industry are working aggressively to implement Bubble
Zone laws like this across the country.

That's the bad news. But here's the good news:


Before this law goes into effect, Chicago Mayor
Richard Daley has to approve it. We have a narrow
window of time to convince the mayor to VETO the
Bubble Zone ordinance.

PLEASE call Mayor Daley's office immediately at 312-
744-3300 to say: "Mayor Daley, please don't restrict
freedom of speech in Chicago. VETO the Bubble Zone

So many calls have already been flooding into the
mayor's office that they've set up an automated
system for the public to speak out on the Bubble
Zone. If you get the automated system, here are the
steps to follow:

1.) CALL Mayor Daley's office at 312-744-3300

2.) PRESS 1 to submit your opinion on the Bubble
Zone ordinance

3.) Then PRESS 2 to vote NO on the Bubble Zone

To send the mayor a fax instead: 312-744-8045

If we don't push back hard against this clearly
unconstitutional law, Planned Parenthood and the rest
of the abortion industry will feel empowered to
trample on the rights of pro-life free speech all
across the country.

Please act now -- while there's still time!
Don't let them take our freedoms away too.

Planned Parenthood breaks laws everyday. So how are they still in business? Why is our government not investigating this further? Contact your congressman and state representatives and demand further investigation and request that they hold abortion clinics responsible. There needs to be an end to the deceit, the exploitation and abuse of women, and the sheer lack of respect for life.
Organizations and citizens have been putting effort into exposing the harsh realities about Planned Parenthood and what they stand for. Live is just one of the many who have gone undercover to expose the lies and uncover the truth about what goes on in Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation. They have revealed that Planned Parenthood lies to women about abortion and in fact coaches young girls to lie in order to have the procedures done! The president of Live Action, Lila Rose posed as a 14 year old girl seeking an abortion at a dozen or more Planned Parenthood clinics all over the country. You can watch these undercover videos on their website at or some of the videos are on YouTube (although many have been removed from YouTube unlawfully as a way of censorship--PP does not want their lies exposed....) Sign the petition demanding these videos be restored on YouTube so that truth will not be censored.

Lila poses as a 14 year old and tells many of the abortion clinic workers that she is underage and that her boyfriend is between the ages of 27 and 31. This is child abuse and statutory rape in most states, yet all of the workers told her to lie about the boyfriend's age and did not report the obvious abuse (it is a state law to report child abuse--they are breaking SO many laws here!) Workers also counseled this young girl to abortion and coached her on how to keep it a secret from her parents! A child can't get an asprin from the school nurse without a parent's consent but they are allowing abortions to occur in underage girls without the parents having any clue or notification. Minors legally must have their parent's consent. (Another law broken by Planned Parenthood) Not once did the worker offer alternative options (adoption, parenting support should she decide to keep it or other life affirming resources) nor did she show the young girl an ultrasound or explain her rights that no one can force you to have an abortion(including a parent, husband, partner, etc.) Why is that? Because abortions are where the money is made. They don't get money for referrals or if the girl keeps the child. In 2005-2006 alone, Planned Parenthood reported ZERO adoption referrals and yet performed 300,000 abortions. The shocking revelations continue....

In more recent findings...Planned Parenthood has been doing clinical sex trials some of which involve underage girls as young as 13 and 14! Read the article about it here. Again, in many states underage sexual activity is abuse and illegal. But if this were not bad enough...our government is funding these trials! How are they getting away with this?! Planned Parenthood’s income comes from three sources: fees charged at its clinics; donations from corporations, foundations and individuals; and taxpayer money received from government grants and contracts/taxpayers funding. We need to be outraged and vocal about this! No young girl should be part of any clinical sex trial and our taxpayer dollars should not be funding abortion providers! I don't care if you are pro-choice or pro-life, no taxpayer should be asked or forced to pay for these abortions.

Still want to defend Planned Parenthood and claim they care about women's health? Then I'll ask you to read this article: Planned Parenthood fundraiser.
It talks about how Planned Parenthood's fundraiser was held at the New York Museum of Sex. I had to research more about this museum because I was not at all aware this place even existed and it is beyond disturbing! The Sex Life of Robots exhibit that was on display during their fundraiser is just obscene! Beginning with a baby robot watching porn while in the womb and then continues on to display grotesque sexual acts including beastiality. This is where Planned Parenthood chose to have their a place that promotes promiscuity, pornography, abuse towards women and the spread of STDS!!! Yea, they "care about women's health" alright! Nothing could be farther from the truth! I am just sickened by this! We HAVE to pray harder! The reality of planned parenthood and it's destruction of human lives (women and children) is becoming more evident and the more I know...the more I am stricken with disgust and anger! We have to be more vocal. The world hasn't a clue what the abortion industry is all about. This fuels my fire to bring justice to women who have been duped by their lies and to protect women who are at risk of being deceived and sucked into their corrupt schemes. We have to do more to stop it...we simply have to try harder. Let's bring an END to this!

You can help end abortion and it's destruction of human lives by speaking out...repost these articles and other resources that expose the truth about abortion, share positive life affirming alternative resources that offer hope, healing and support, pro-life quotes, videos, websites...anything and everything you can to spread the truth. Volunteer your time and money to local agencies and centers that stand for truth and for life. Vote for politicians who will take an active stand on pro-life. This is not a one man job. We have to all come together as a nation against abortion. We must each represent truth, love and hope!

I hope this touches your heart just as it did mine.
These are all video testimonies of women who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy and the individual choices they made. Each women had a different experience and all of them can offer great insight into a woman's choice regarding life and abortion. The choices are never easy but I think we can all agree from each woman's testimony which choice is more rewarding. Here are several women with a variety of situations and each show how one decision can impact your life forever regardless of the choice you make it is a forever choice....

I pray you choose life.
More than in any previous campaign, there is strong opposition to what those of us are doing on the sidewalks of 212 cities. And a little later, I’m going to ask you to watch a 38-second video that shows the challenge — and the proper response to that challenge that demonstrates to the whole world exactly what sets 40 Days for Life apart.

Carol Marie in Reno, Nevada reports that 40 Days for Life vigil participants often have to deal with “tirades, nasty comments and empty threats” from the abortionist, who clearly wishes the prayer presence outside his offices would go away.

The people praying at the vigil do not respond; they just keep praying. “I am happy to learn that we continue to demonstrate that we are there to share the love of Christ with those who come to the abortion site,” Carol Marie said, “regardless of their reason for being there, regardless of the role they are playing in this tragedy.”

Paul in Lake Jackson, Texas said 40 Days for Life vigil participants there had a most challenging time recently. “We were visited by an angry protester that spent 45 minutes shouting at us and trying to argue with us right in front of our vigil space,” he said. “By the grace of God, we were cool headed and tried not to engage her in any conversation but she was very persistent.

It got to the point where one of the vigil participants had to call the police. “The officer that spent some time with the woman told us afterward she wouldn’t be back,” Paul said. Even the mayor came later to offer his support. “Through it all we kept praying.”

Clair in Kalamazoo, Michigan notes that a water bottle and a nearly-empty drink can were thrown at 40 Days for Life vigil participants from passing vehicles. Thankfully, no one was hurt. “The individuals who threw these items would like it very much if we stopped coming out,” she said. But Kalamazoo is committed to press on with their 40 Days for Life campaign.

The group did file a police report, and the officers promised to help. “They have told us there will be more patrols going past the Planed Parenthood facility,” said Clair.

A slight increase in the incidents of taunting and hate have been reported, as “pro-choice” bloggers are furiously attempting to rally abortion advocates to go out to abortion centers and demonstrate against the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils.

The 38-second video I’d like you to watch is one that I discovered on YouTube. It was recorded outside Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in The Bronx, New York — one of the country’s busiest abortion facilities, that ends the lives of thousands of children yearly.

You’ll see a small 40 Days for Life group, including several Catholic nuns, standing in a circle praying peacefully and quietly. You won’t see the abortion demonstrators, but you’ll certainly hear them as they angrily chant slogans in an attempt to drown out the vigil participants’ prayers.

This, in a 38-second nutshell, is what 40 Days for Life is all about. We stand up for those who have no voice, in a world that doesn’t want to listen, where people yell in an effort to drown out the truth.

But never forget — Jesus told us to expect this very behavior:
“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven” (Matthew 5:11-12)

But the Lord is with me as a dread warrior; therefore my persecutors will stumble; they will not overcome me.They will be greatly shamed,for they will not succeed.(Jeremiah 20:11)

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. (John 15:18&19)

The first line of this verse stood out to me. "know that they hated me first" I have felt now more than ever a hatred towards believers. But this verse is God's way of saying "I've been there" So often we think we are feeling things no one else has felt or understands, but God Himself has and to a worse degree! He carried the cross bearing all of our sins and was mocked, spat at, and just plain hated the whole way and he still got on that cross and died for us, the ungrateful. I doubt many of us would be willing to die for someone who hated us, let alone an entire world filled with people who hated us. Jesus did just that. It is also wonderful to hear the words "I chose you out of the world". We are special to Him. We are ALL very much wanted and desired by God. Feels good to know that doesn't it?

Continue to pray for the end of abortion but also pray for those who are peacefully praying in front of abortion clinics nationwide. Pray for their safety and that their prayers would be heard.

HE'S HERE!!! :) The newest member of our family arrived on 9/29/09 weighing 7lbs. 14oz. and 21in. long. My brand new little nephew, Elliott Vincent, is just as awesome as his big brother, Isaac Edward! The photos above are of Isaac after hearing the news that Elliott was here. He was obviously just as excited as we were! :) Isaac is going to be such a great big brother, moments after meeting Elliott he starts telling him that they have a room and crib all ready for him, that the car seat is ready and he tried to teach him how to give a thumbs up! :) Precious moments like that are priceless. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jess is my hero. She is a beautiful mommy and amazing person. She was cracking jokes up to 30 minutes before Elliott was born (she was obviously in late stage labor and she's still being her awesome self!) Her glowing smile while she held Elliott made my heart smile! Now make no mistake, Jon is a wonderful daddy and is also my hero...he had a huge smile on his face too and you could tell his heart was smiling too! They have given me so much joy with those sweet boys of theirs! I don't think they even realize it. I love them all so very much! Family is such a blessing and a new baby is an extra special gift from God. I'll stop rambling on and get to what you have all been waiting for...the photos! :) Welcome to the world, Elliott. Thanks for making it a little brighter! I love you! <3
Congratulations Jon & Jess! Your family just got even cuter! :)
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