For the last couple of weeks pro-life groups have been lobbying Members of Congress to vote on the only amendment that would explicitly exclude funding for abortion in the proposed health care bill. Well, TODAY there will be a vote on the Stupak-Pitts Amendment!

It all comes down to this vote tonight.

I need you to call your state representative immediately. Tell your Representative to vote YES on the Stupak-Pitts Amendment.

This vote is going to be VERY close, so please call right now. You can find your Rep.'s phone number here: Member Information. Representatives will be keeping track today of how many calls they receive from back home and if they are undecided on how to vote, how many folks call them will make a difference.

Here are your talking points:

  • The Pitts-Stupak Amendment is the only amendment that provides clear language that prohibits federal funding of elective abortions and plans that cover elective abortions.
  • Vote YES on the Pitts-Stupak Amendment.
Be a part of this important moment for the pro-life movement: Please call now. The debate is slated to start at 9am ET! Call now, and then get as many of your friends to call as possible.

Stay hopeful and continue to pray – Speaker Pelosi and the abortion lobby do not yet have the votes they need to pass this health care legislation. Wavering Congressmen need to hear from us. So thank you for standing strong and for showing Congress that Real Health Care Respects Life!
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