QUICK FACT: It is a felony to "disturb" a bald eagle egg but DESTROYING a human embryo is not only legal but it is encouraged. Bald eagles and even their eggs are protected under a law entitled the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act. How is it that we value other species above our own? It's senseless to me and so frustratingly disappointing. We are supposed to be the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet but we can't seem to understand that we are killing off our future generations. 1/3 of our youth never made it out of the womb. All of whom have died in the name of "choice".

I have heard every pro-abortion argument out there and I have not heard one single argument in support of abortion that was not some sort of excuse. And in my experience if you have to make an excuse for something...it probably isn't something you should be doing. Stop making excuses and start respecting life! I truly believe that the heart of the issue is a gross lack of respect for life. If we don't value life at it's beginning and it's most vulnerable then how can we expect there to be respect for life in later stages? Rape, murder, abuse all of these things are a direct result of a disrespect for another human being's life. But if we're not teaching to respect life at it's core then why are we then appalled by the disrespect for it in those situations? We have not set a standard for life...and we NEED to. ALL LIFE IS VALUABLE and should be respected and defended. I think we would see a huge decrease in those kinds of harmful crimes against humanity if we protect life from the very start of its existence...which is conception. Scientists agree that life begins at conception and we have overwhelming evidence for this yet we still choose to believe what we want so that we can do whatever want.

Truth is....elective abortions were created so that women could elude responsibility. With our choices come responsibility and if we make such choices then we must be prepared to own up to those responsibilities...not make excuses for them and run from those responsibilities.
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