Read this CNN Story of an Iowa mother who murdered her child with the defense that "she believed she was trying to save her sons from a life of suffering" when she cut their throats and her own. Her insanity plea was rejected, she was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The reason I have chosen to blog about this story is because I have heard that defense or more accurately - EXCUSE - that abortion is saving the child from a lifetime of suffering or a life without a "proper" upbringing. I have even heard those who are pro-abortion say "if the child is going to grow up in a bad environment or have a bad home life then we should put it out of its misery". This is an accepted theory in the pro-abortion community so my question is, If this defense doesn't hold up in court then why is it legal to kill an unborn child using the same flawed logic? If we wouldn't kill a child when it is born because of their "lack of future" then why on earth would we kill a child in the womb for the very same reason?

There are so many holes in the pro-abortion logic. All of which are filled with excuses. I have yet to hear a strong defense for abortion that has not been broken down to be nothing more than an excuse. Truth is...abortion's design and purpose is to not only eliminate the child, but eliminate what is viewed as a challenge too difficult to overcome. Every excuse I have heard from women is as a result of one reason and one reason only... the woman doesn't want to face responsibility or difficulty and a child simply gets in the way of what they want for their own life. No matter what the excuse "I can't take care of this baby" "I don't want this baby" "I can't give this baby a future" ....ALL point to one conclusion that the woman has come to in her mind "This is too hard, I can't deal with this" Because if this were not true and women really were thinking beyond themselves and thought about what was best for both she and the baby, not just what was best for her, then I believe women would approach the situation MUCH differently...they approach the situation as a crisis and instead of eliminating the crisis they choose to eliminate the child.
A much healthier and rewarding approach would be: "It's going to be hard but I can find a way to take care of this baby" "I didn't plan this baby, but I can give this baby to a family who does want a child and can give it a future".

I don't understand why women don't see adoption as an option more. With adoption the child has a chance to live a life with a family who will love them and take care of them. Abortion is permanent, final, there are no possibilities or hope for the child through abortion. It's as permanent a decision as it would be if you chose life. Once that life has been taken away, it is gone. But adoption gives that child a chance, no matter how small or great that chance may be, it is a chance to live out their purpose...hope for a future. And with hope...anything is possible.

I think the root of the problem here is that women feel hopeless and the hopelessness is what drives them to have an abortion. If a woman has an abortion because she feels she has no other options then it is not a choice, it is a last resort and we, as a society, have greatly failed her. I believe in my heart that more women would choose life if we gave them the hope they need. If we gave them the necessary resources they need to succeed as a mother and a woman. We as a society need to stop teaching that having a child is a burden or a task too great for the average woman to handle. Yes, it is a big job and yes it will have it's difficult moments but ask any mother you meet and they will tell you that the good heavily outweigh the bad! 97% of women who have chosen abortion regret that decision and would not recommend abortion to others. Out of the mothers who chose life for their babies....100% are satisfied with their choice. The numbers don't lie. So stop believing the lies that you can't or shouldn't and start believing you CAN and you WILL succeed if you simply Choose Life. You are not alone.

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