JUST RELEASED: The Live Action Team goes undercover to investigate medical misinformation and manipulation at Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry's giant! Watch the video here along more of their videos on their YouTube page or by going to LiveAction.org

How can we expect women to make "informed decisions" when they are being MISINFORMED?! This is a clear example of how the abortion industry exploits women and lies to them just to make a sale. Because that is what they do...they SELL abortions. Abortions are not medical procedures that women NEED it is something that women are told that they need and should have! It doesn't cure any diseases or save any lives, in fact it does quite the opposite. It creates more problems and destroys lives in the process! Just a few of the risks and consequences or complications are increased depression with a higher statistic of suicide along with other emotional results and physical complications can range anywhere from infertility to death. It is NOT safe no matter what this abortionist says...childbirth is natural, ripping a child from the womb is not natural and it is a false statement that it is safer than giving birth! It is a tragic reality that women are not exposed to the truth but instead are fed lies by abortion supports. This only fuels my passion to work harder and find more ways and better ways of helping women make life saving choices not life ending ones.

Rise up with me and let's do our best to bring an end to abortion!
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