Planned Parenthood closed a total of 38 clinics in 2009, let's work on doubling that number in 2010!

A revocation of government funding, thanks in part to government budget cuts, is responsible for closing some centers. Planned Parenthood relies heavily on taxpayer funding of its operations. Taxpayer funding provides 33.7 percent of its total income. The year 2009 saw some significant strides in cutting state funding to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood in Indiana, for example, reported that most of the six clinics it closed there were closed because of the loss of funds from the state.

I also attribute this small victory over abortion to the fact that more pro-life advocates appeared outside abortion centers this past year -- helping women find positive alternatives. Sidewalk counselors are a vital part of the pro-life movement. Not only do they help pregnant women make positive choices and provide life resources but they simply show compassion and respect for life in such a way that literally save lives. Not just the lives of the unborn, but of women who otherwise would be bound to a lifetime of regret and hurt. In 2009, sidewalk counselors that were part of the 40 Days For Life Campaign were there with loving open arms when former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, needed support in her decision to quit the business after seeing a baby die right before her eyes during an ultrasound guided abortion. So you see, those Love Warriors who are out there on the frontline battling for Life in front of these abortion clinics are so valuable and need our prayers and support everyday!

In the upcoming years ahead we need to be more vocal, more accessible and more in the public eye if we're going to see a real change. The more people who know the truth, the less innocent lives will be taken and the less women will be hurt! I encourage everyone to get out there and make a difference somehow. Whether it be volunteering your time or resources to crisis pregnancy centers or sharing facts and hope to others through conversation or on your own social outlets like facebook, twitter, myspace or blogs. And of course voting for leaders and laws that support Life! If we as a nation unite on this issue we WILL see an end to abortion in our lifetime! I believe we can.

Thank you for all of your efforts during the 2009 year! Keep up the hard work in 2010 and keep the faith! God bless each and every one of you in the upcoming year!
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