Check out this video and learn from Stephanie Gray of The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform as she gives a rational and scientifically supported answer to the question about when human life begins:

Content Warning: There are some graphic pictures depicting the violence of abortionagainst humans in the background of this scene although they are not the focus of the video.

Science proves that life begins at fertilization. This video answers the question of why life should be protected from the moment of conception and emphasizes that the right to life is not given, it is an inalienable right.

The worth of an individual is not ascribed by's endowed by the Creator. Life is a gift, not a reward. So the real question are you going to respond to the gift of life? Will you lovingly accept it OR will you ungratefully and selfishly reject the gift by terminating it?

"Gratitude for the gift of our life is our response to God's abundant love" -Henri Nouwen

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