The Senate voted 54-45 to defeat the Nelson amendment that would have removed the massive abortion funding from the Senate government-run health care bill. With the defeat, pro-life advocates will unite behind a concerted effort to defeat the entire health care bill.

The legislation currently allows abortion funding under both the public option and the affordability credits to purchase health care insurance. If this plan goes through it will be the largest expansion of abortion on demand since Roe v. Wade and so many more women and children will be harmed by this monstrous atrocity. Our country needs our prayers. We simply cannot allow this kind of injustice to continue to happen across our nation. It is mind-numbing that we could be FORCED to have our hard earned money go towards something we are morally and religiously against!

Abortion does not cure any diseases or save lives for that in fact TAKES LIVES and for it to be considered health care then we should also include things like breast implants or liposuction because those too are "medical procedures" that do not cure disease or save lives. Should we also be forced to pay for someone else's boob job? They are better termed as "vanity procedures". Vanity is nothing more than excessive pride and abortion on demand is often nothing more than that...a selfish pride that allows you to choose yourself over everyone else regardless of the harm it may cause. We as a nation have failed to hold ourselves accountable for our behaviors, our lifestyles and our choices. With choice comes responsibility and accountability but abortion is a scapegoat for those things. We can still indulge in a reckless lifestyle because we have the "option" of eliminating the responsibilities and consequences of our careless choices. Abortion is a human devised way of escaping responsibility. Instead of making good choices to begin with we allow ourselves to make the poor ones with the safety net of just "taking care of it" later. "Taking care of it" is not an appropriate term for what truly occurs in that is the lack of care that enables a decision like that to be made.

The saddest part is that the abortion industry and their supporters have made this idea sound so good and so harmless and so empowering that there are those who truly believe it to be so. Young women believe the lies and then suffer from post abortion heartache for years often times for the rest of their lives. That is heartbreaking to me. Yet I do believe that there are many women who sincerely do not know the severity, the consequences and reality of abortion because they have never been told the truth. That is why I have chosen to speak louder and to do my best to make sure the truth is spread. Those women deserve to know the truth. They deserve better than abortion and so do their unborn children.

I pray that this bill does not go through for the sake of our future generations. May God have mercy on us if it does, in fact, go through.
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