There has been a lot of controversy swirling around the Tim Tebow ad that is scheduled to air during the superbowl. The ad has not yet been released for public viewing and will not be available to the public until it's scheduled airing during the superbowl. It is said to be a 30 second clip that's tagline is "Celebrate Life, Celebrate Family" and will include a brief summary of Tim & Pam's story and how she was encouraged to abort, but went against medical advice and kept her child who is now a huge football star. There is an uproar coming from the pro-abortion lobbyist. Feminist, Gloria Allred has even gone as far as to say that the story of Tebow's birth is untrue others simply object because of their own personal viewpoint.

I believe that the real reason behind the controversy is not the message, but where the message is coming from. Focus on the Family, the organization funding the Tebow ad is a known christian organization. They are receiving huge criticism for their decision to promote this ad for the superbowl. But I think that if any other organization would have been the proponent behind it, we would not be hearing so much chatter about it. If Planned Parenthood themselves were the ones putting out this very ad or one identical we would say "they are just supporting one woman's choice" But when Focus on the Family defends the ad by saying "they are just supporting one woman's choice" people seem to discredit this choice and go even further by claiming it to be an "anti-choice" ad. It is clear now that choosing life is not considered a true choice in "pro-choice" opinion. If it was, they would be embracing this woman's choice to keep her baby, a mother who simply wants to tell the world how happy she is with the choice she made. I see nothing wrong with a mother being proud of her child and a child being proud of his mother. I also don't think this ad will be simply about life. Because of Tebow's success as a football player I think this ad will be about Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness and I don't know what could be more American than that!

People have argued that who will this ad really impact? Claiming that women primarily do not watch football and those who do, how many will be pregnant and struggling with the decision? My response to that is this....if ONE woman chooses life because of the ad, that is two lives saved. The mother is saved from a lifetime of pain and regret and the child is saved from abortion. So if even one mother is impacted then that is a huge victory for Life. Each life is valuable, and even just one is worth saving! There is no price on life so those who argue that they spent too much money for this ad and could have used the money elsewhere....I want to ask "what is the cost of saving a life?" To is PRICELESS. And I think any effort to save lives is admirable. How can we predict that this ad may not impact thousands of women and men? I think we should air it and allow people to make their own conclusions afterwards instead of censoring something that we all know will not contain nudity, adult language or adult content...there will be enough of those commercials during the superbowl as it is. I don't hear anyone trying to censor the many other ads that promote half naked women as sexual objects and other organizations' subliminal messages. We're ok with ads that devalue women but we're not ok with an ad that is pro-woman, pro-life, pro-family and pro-values? We need to re-evaluate ourselves as a society if this is true. I guess the real question to ask is "what harm will come from airing this ad?" I see no harm in it and until I hear a substantial reason for why it should not be aired I will support it.

The superbowl is February 7, 2010 at 6:00pm EST. I hope that many of you are not only tuned in to support football and your favorite team, but you're also tuned in to support Life.

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