Despite attacks and protest against the Tim Tebow Superbowl ad before it even aired, CBS did the right thing and chose to air the 30 second ad and it was viewed by millions during the Superbowl! Here is the ad that had so many pro-abortion groups worked up:

Nothing offensive about that right? It was funny, happy, loving and above all had a positive message. But because groups like NOW made such a fuss before even seeing this pro-life ad and even went as far as to making claims that Pam Tebow's story was not true they couldn't just accept the fact that the ad was harmless and heartwarming. So what new ridiculous attacks have they made towards the ad? They are now claiming that this 30 second clip you just watched promotes violence towards women. Read the full article from here: Pro-Aborts Claim Tebow Ad Promotes Domestic Violence
This is a clear act of desperation from pro-abortion groups. They realize that America is with us....the majority of Americans believe abortion is wrong. They realize that their "choice" is being exposed for what it really is....violence against humans. So how do they defend their own violence? By claiming WE are the ones in support of violence. Hypocrisy at its finest!

Let's face it, groups like NOW don't support a woman's "choice" they support THEIR "choice", which is abortion. They are NOT "pro-choice" they are clearly "pro-abortion" and are quick to accuse others of supporting violence but deny the fact that the very idea they are so viciously defending is the worst act of violence there is.
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