When more than 300,000 people march in Washington, D.C., and the mainstream press is almost totally silent, bias is no longer an accusation but a fact. There was virtually no mainstream media coverage of the 2010 Walk For Life that took place to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade where abortion was legalized. It beckons the question: "Why so silent?"

Live Action also commented on this issue saying: "This is no accidental oversight, but a pointed refusal to report the work we do and the witness we present for life… unless, of course, it is the violent action of a lunatic claiming he is “pro-life,” in which case it will be on the front page. This is done so that many Americans can go on thinking we are a small fringe group of beady-eyed zealots instead of a large, thriving, growing community of millions of intelligent people of all ages and faiths."

It’s obvious that the mainstream media refuses to report with any integrity on what we do so here is how we need to counteract this:

First, we spread the word ourselves. Blogs like this one, and other social networking sites (twitter, facebook, myspace etc.), are an excellent way to spread the word about Life what’s really happening.

Second, we let the media know that we’re aware of their bias and are committed to exposing it. Pro-life groups and individuals can send press releases to newspapers, radio and TV stations, and individual journalists, urging them to be the one to tell the real story.

Third, we continue to support organizations that are committed to the truth and protecting human life at all stages.

Those of us who remain active for pro-life do so with hope that the value of human life will one day be globally recognized and protected. As a pleasant side effect, perhaps those who are supposed to be impartial are forced to look back in shame on their blatant bias, so that this movement eventually saves not only the unborn and their families, but the integrity of the media as well.

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