I have recently read quite a bit about Amendment 48 that Colorado For Equal Rights has succeeded in adding to the ballot but has not yet had success in passing as law. There is much debate surrounding the issue of "personhood". Advocates for life want to establish that from the moment of conception a new human being is created with it's own unique DNA and that each person should be protected under law. Science confirms that this is true and yet abortion is still legal and thousands of babies die everyday. Why is that? Because while pro-aborts will agree that DNA is present at the moment of fertilization they still deny the unborn human rights on the grounds that the unborn is somehow not a person. Establishing personhood is crucial for the pro-life movement. Without it, our opponents do not see the value of each individual human life regardless of age, sex, or circumstance and thousands of unborn continue to die DAILY. If we do not establish value for human life at it's beginning then how do we expect life not to be devalued throughout every stage in our society?

On October 11, 1972 the infamous case of Roe V. Wade was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court and opened the gateway to legalized abortions. An interesting series of statements made that day are worthy of quoting in defense of the unborn. Here is actual audio recordings from the Roe V. Wade case that proves why substantiating personhood would be detrimental to the pro-abortion perspective and why we need to establish PERSONHOOD NOW!

"A person's a person, no matter how small." -Dr. Seuss

The pro-aborts debate on this issue of personhood and their Anti-Amendment 48 campaign is nothing more than scare tactics. They know that if we embrace the idea of personhood and protecting ALL human beings at every stage of life then abortion WILL again become illegal and they think in dollar signs....the dollar signs will diminish if abortion is no longer a profitable industry and that is what they care about most - more than protection of life even. So they have come up with various lies to scare people out of the whole idea of Amendment 48 which simply works to establish dignity and rights to even the weakest of our kind. A few of these bogus scare tactics I've heard are:

  • women could be criminally charged for miscarriages
  • women could be criminally charged for neglecting their own health during pregnancy
  • it will disrupt access to healthcare, more specifically access to birth control

All of which are FALSE! Take the first argument about miscarriages for example: Basic criminal law principles state that there needs to be a guilty act that accompanies a guilty intent. Neither is present here. The woman does not intentionally will her body to miscarriage and therefore she could not be held legally responsible.

In regards to the second argument, the example given was that a women could be criminally charged for smoking during pregnancy or an even more absurd argument that a woman could be charged for driving a car while pregnant because it is even more dangerous than smoking and could be viewed as negligence. (I could not make this up...these are actual arguments from the opponents) It is not illegal for a parent to smoke around their child outside the womb so why would it be illegal for them to smoke while pregnant? With this ill-logic, then any mother who drives with their child in a car seat in the back of their van is a criminal? NO! That's absurd! These are poor attempts to scare the gullible out of doing the right thing!

The last argument about disrupt to healthcare is probably what throws most people off. Healthcare is a huge debate these days and you add that argument to the mix and people start second guessing. Truth is, the only "healthcare" that would be in jeopardy is the access to elective abortions. Which yes, is EXACTLY what the Amendment 48 is working to do. That's what pro-aborts are REALLY scared of and they should be. If Amendment 48 is put in place, then abortions will drastically decrease because each state will be able to determine when life begins and protect the unborn under state law. Which is why it needs the support of every pro-life American!

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  1. Cal Zastrow Says:

    Thanks for supporting personhood NOW. We are working on personhood amendments in over half of the states right now.
    Cal Zastrow, co-founder
    Personhood U.S.A.

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