Walk For Life West Coast was held yesterday in San Fransico, CA. More than 30,000 pro-life advocates participated in the Walk For Life rally to show their support for Life. This first video is footage of the pro-life community peacefully walking, some with signs, but many just quietly walking in a public act against abortion. The second video is of the small pro-abortion group shouting and chanting, some even banging on instruments. Basically, just causing commotion and a lot of noise. What I found interesting was that the pro-lifers didn't have to shout or try to drown out the pro-aborts. Their actions spoke louder than words. The more than 30,000 men, women and children peacefully marched as the opponents seemed to desperately shout in a failed attempt to drown out the message from the day. Which is that when we come together peacefully in great numbers our actions will speak louder than words. Our message is love. We are not violent, loud, overbearing people. We are people who love life and are working to promote a culture of life and protect human beings at all stages. What a great turn out! Thank you to all who were there in body and spirit! Thank you for taking a public stand for Life.

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