I feel like I get slammed every time I talk about the government doing something that promotes morality (b/c you "can't legislate morality") yet an issue like healthcare comes along and I'm told by those same types of people that passing this healthcare reform is the "moral" thing to do.
So some types of morality should not be legislated (traditional marriage, drug abuse, abortion) but others should? It sounds to me like Obama and those like him change the rules to benefit themselves.

What was not discussed in Obama's speech is this: Medicare can't pay for itself, politicians have borrowed on social security (a govt. program we have paid into, but will probably never see). It is in fact bankrupt. We are in more debt than any other industrialized nation,and have no concept of a balanced budget within the federal govt. To top it off, the Federal Reserve prints money when we run out. I admit that the healthcare issue is monumental in that it effects everybody and is therefor very difficult to solve. However, giving people fewer choices, creating a healthcare monopoly by allowing the govt. to control how much doctors are paid, etc. seems to be a step backwards. We will have much bigger problems if we ever get to the point of hyper inflation, as the money that we have printed (unbacked by gold or any other standard) filters through the system. To say that Obama's ideas on healthcare are moral is stretching it.

I do agree that the Bible compels us to care for others and their welfare. I disagree that Obama's plan is actually going to accomplish that goal. And where is the separation of church and state that people like to quote so often....let the churches help those who are in need. That is our duty as Christians not the government. If we see someone in need WE should directly help the individual through the love of Christ(whether it be donations, our time, prayers...), not delegate the need to a government agency which has no ability to pray for, personally see to, and mostly, share the love of Christ. The job was never intended for the government; it was intended for Christ-followers. The government has tried and tried over the years to do a job that they are not intended to do, and it hasn't worked. It's like asking a teacher to build a skyscraper. A teacher wasn't meant to do an architects job. I think the only way we are truly going to solve the healthcare issue (and many other issues too) is for ALL Christians to step up and do the job they are called to do by Christ himself. Call me crazy, but I think it just might work when we do it GOD'S way!

Besides, we need to approach healthcare holistically. Cheap prescriptions and a single-payer system, while good, can only do so much. It is ludicrous to suggest that we ignore abortion to get universal healthcare, or that we ignore universal healthcare to fight abortion. A woman can destroy her child during the entire nine months of her pregnancy, and she need not provide any reason more than "Now is not a good time." That is unacceptable. And I think it is arrogant of us as Americans to EXPECT universal healthcare when there are countries who can't afford or have no access to a simple doctor's visit. When did we start believing that life is a right? Life is a GIFT and we shouldn't expect anything but be grateful for EVERYthing. We have created this notion that just because we live in America we should have access to whatever we want. Doesn't work that way. You have to earn what you are given and those who are draining society of resources without giving a thing back are the reason those truly in need are not getting the help they seek.

There are good Christians doing their best on both sides of the issue, and they all deserve our prayers. But we, as the body of Christ, cannot compromise. Can you imagine if God said, "Alright, fine, no idolatry but adultery is fine I guess."

I agree with many of you that believe we need reform, but do not believe that Washington is the answer. God is, was and always will be the only answer we need. Until ALL of us as a nation seek Him there will be no resolve.
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