Day 2 of the 40 Days For Life campaign. I went alone to the Planned Parenthood and just sat in my car and prayed this time. It felt so good to just talk to God about everything. Asking for His help and just telling Him the burden I feel for these young women. It is so wonderful to know that God listens when we pray. I know He heard my concerns and desires for those women. I know that prayer works.

Tonight was the Annual Life Banquet for the Living Alternative's Pregnancy Center. There were 650 people there!! It was so encouraging to see that kind of turn out! Even though you know God is all you need and you are never alone it helps to see other Lifers to encourage you that there are others who share your passion. The guest speaker was Cal Thomas, an American conservative syndicated columnist, author and radio commentator. I thought he did an excellent job! He was witty yet addressed the serious issues with great passion and made so many great points! It was really great to be a part of! The center had everything donated to them by a family who had a baby at full term and due to complications they lost their child. After this heartbreaking event in their life they decided to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the center so they have a brand new building and all the amenities (sonogram machine, clothing room as well as other baby essentials that can be given FREE to the women who come in seeking help...) They offer adoption referrals, post-abortion counseling, and teach life skills to these young women as well as restore hope. I plan to start volunteering my time there ASAP! I can't wait to be a part of it all! Saving lives has become a passion of mine! Jared came with me to the banquet. He was astounded by the community support and the sheer number of people involved. It was wonderful to have him there by my side. His support means everything to me!

God is so good!!!
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