This weekend was the Crisis Pregnancy Center 2009 Walk For Life in Terre Haute, IN. I was blessed to attend with both of my parents, my grandma and my nephew. Nothing like family coming together to support a great cause! Participants were asked to collect sponsors who would donate to the Wabash Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center so they would be able to continue to provide services to young women in the area who were dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or in need of post-abortion counseling and recovery. They are one of the many pregnancy resource centers who offer hope, love and education to these young women seeking help. It was a great turnout and I was able to capture some images of the day with my camera. The most touching was by far the children that were there with their families. Each were precious examples, living proof of LIFE!

I encourage you to find the local pregnancy centers in your area and learn more about how you can be an advocate for life. Here is a short video about Care Net, a nation wide pregnancy center so that those who are not familiar can get a better idea of what they have to offer.

This isn't just an issue of morality, it is an ignorance issue. Testimonies of young girls who find their way into these pregnancy centers across the nation have said that they had no idea the extent of their choices. Half of them didn't even know when the babies heartbeat began or that the baby was even alive inside them, or that their rights said that NO ONE (husband, parent, guardian, etc.) could force them to have an abortion. They have said "I was only told abortion was a choice, not that there were other options and I was never shown the reality of both sides" Pregnancy centers explain ALL of the women's options....including abortion. They show the women a sonogram of their baby so they can see what it is they are contemplating to abort as well as explain child development, then they are shown the abortion procedures, the risks and the consequences. After being given ALL of the information on choosing life and the choice of abortion 90% of women choose life. That is a HUGE percentage. Abortion clinics do not provide women with this same information of choices. Most don't even show them a sonogram. Why? Because if 90% are choosing life after seeing a sonogram these abortion clinics would be OUT OF BUSINESS. Because that is what they are...a business with their primary concern not being to help women, but to extort money from the ignorance, fear and lack of information these women have. One pro-abortion mind stated: "Women are smart enough to find out that information on their own, we shouldn't have to provide it for them." OK, then we should go to the grocery store and take off all the labels on all the cans, and not provide all of the nutrition information because "women are smart enough to find out that information on their own...we shouldn't have to provide it for them". That is the very same logic. It is absurd. Before undergoing any other medical procedure you are shown X-rays, and provided with other medical information before actually undergoing that medical procedure. We often also get a second opinion from other doctor's. None of this is provided to the woman in an abortion clinic. So it is no longer just a morality issue it is a lack of information. Abortionists don't want to provide this information because they know there would be a HUGE deficit in their revenue and that is their ONLY concern. If after giving these women all of the facts and information regarding their decision and they still choose abortion then it is between them and God after that, but if we do not at least provide them with that knowledge so they can make and INFORMED decision then we are just as much to blame for their choices as they are. We preach about women's rights, well then why are we not giving them the right to have all the information. Are we that scared of informed women? Even if you support abortion you should first support the right of these women to be fully informed because as of right now, they aren't and I believe this is the reason the number of abortions is so high! Give them all, and I mean ALL of their choices and then let them decide.

Be Informed, Be Inspired, But DO NOT Be Silent!
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