The next several weeks have a lot going on! This Wed. Sept. 23rd marks the beginning of the 40 Days For Life Campaign ( I've been putting together informational brochures with alternatives to abortion to hand to women at the local abortion clinic here in Champaign. I'm committed to taking an hour out of my day each day for the next 40 days to go there and pray as well as give support to any woman seeking help. A lot of these women have no support and have lost all hope. I want to help give them back that hope. Along with prayer I am also committed to fasting during this campaign. For those who aren't sure what that is, fasting is an act of discipline and faith to eat sparingly or of certain kinds of food as a religious observance. I am basically going to be a vegetarian for the next several weeks as a way of showing my dedication to this cause. It's my way of saying, I would give up something I love (eating junk) if it means saving even one life from abortion. It's a small sacrifice, I know, but my hear is in it and that is what matters.
Also coming up this weekend is the Terre Haute Crisis Pregnancy Center Walk for Life!
For more info about this and other ways to get involved go to their website:

Keep all of us "Love Warriors" in your prayers, we are all putting ourselves at risk by taking a vocal stand against abortion. Pray that God will keep us safe and that He will give us the strength, courage, wisdom and heart to reach out to those in need and educate our world. But most importantly, pray for the women and families dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and also those suffering from post-abortion syndrome. This is not about religion or politics this is about saving lives.

For more ways on how you can get involved in your local area please contact me. I would be happy to share more information with you! To those already involved in some way, bless you! Together we can make a difference! With God, we can put an end to abortion once and for all!
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