Everyday brings new things and change and so we as humans cannot stay exactly the same as each day passes and we encounter and understand new things. The goal is to continue to learn, grow and change for the good. I have grown to realize how incredibly blessed I am. I always knew that I had much to be thankful for but while praying today realized something I had always known but never fully understood. God gave his son to die for me so that I might have life. I have been really passionate about life, more particularly pro-life. But today when talking to God I thanked him for sacrificing his only son's life so that I might live. And it hit me...Life is a gift, again, something I already knew but had not thought deeply about before...We were not given this life to be destructive with it and to go through it without purpose, without love and without hope. God is love. God gives us hope and each of us has a purpose. My purpose was made clear today. On top of my gift of life, God has given me the gift of love, the gift of mercy and the gift of truth. God wants me to be a witness for all of these things. I will spend the rest of my life, from this day forward helping others discover their gifts. Once you find your purpose, you will find that we all have one gift and one purpose in common and that is sharing the love of God with others. We may be called to do this in different ways, but ultimately we are all God's messengers of love, hope and truth. Each of us are important parts of his plan. Isn't that wonderful to know? We are ALL important to God! Like a play, there are no small parts in this, Life's Production. We all make up the very dynamics of our life story. We have to practice and perform each day the role we are given for our audience which is the world. Everyone you meet is dealing with some sort of life issue and we, as Christians, cannot get out of character even on our worst of days. We must strive to be loving, caring and patient at all times even during the most difficult of times when we we might be dealing with the most difficult of characters. God is the director and we are the cast. When you get the casting call from God are you going to turn down an opportunity of a lifetime? I pray that you don't. There is so much to gain from choosing God and absolutely everything to lose if we don't. Choose life.
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