Today I want to thank my parents for choosing Life. I was born 27 years ago on this day. Now, 27 years later I can look back on those years and feel blessed, not simply because of all of the wonderful people in my life and all of the opportunities I've been given, but also because my Mom made a choice that allowed me to live a life full of blessings. Without that conscious decision, I would not have had the opportunity to love and be loved in return. I am thankful always, but today especially for being able to love my parents, love my brother, love his wife and my two gorgeous and fun nephews, and for the chance to marry and love my masterpiece of a husband and my new extended family, as well as enjoy so many wonderful moments with so many amazing friends. But had my Mom exercised her "right to choose" and chosen to end my life before it even really began, I would not be here, 27 years later being thankful for the life I have. Thank you Mom and Dad, for choosing Life! I love you to the moon and back!

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