The abortion industry is built on deception; its survival depends on its ability to hide the truth.

A woman arrived for an appointment this week at the Austin, Texas abortion center where a 40 Days for Life vigil is being conducted. One of the pro-life sidewalk counselors told her that if she was at this facility for routine healthcare, there were other places she could go — places that did not do abortions.

The young woman was stunned. “I had no idea my OB/GYN did abortions,” she said. “I definitely do not want to come back!”

This is one of the reasons pro-life sidewalk counselors are important. Many people don’t realize abortions are being done in their own cities. Many women don’t realize abortions are being done by their own doctors. When they find out, many have exactly the same response as this woman in Austin.

Truth is bad for the abortion business. Keep spreading the truth!

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