Life Inspired Love Organization was created in 2009 by myself, Leah Delcamp, as a passionate attempt to educate others about the issue of abortion and to help save lives of not just the unborn, but of women and families. Feeling led to share the truth with love I began this blog which I use as a tool to share facts, true stories and testimonies relating to life and abortion. I have since created a Facebook fan page ( as another social network tool to reach the hearts and minds of men and women and hope to someday have my organization's website up and running in the near future.

I want to provide this world with hope for a future. Some might say I try a little to hard to save the world...but I'm just following my heart. The world needs to hear the truth spoken with love, not with judgment, not with anger, but with love. That is my heart's desire, and that is what I try to do.

I have learned a lot over the past year not only about the topic of abortion but about myself. I have found a strength deep within me that I never new existed. I have been faced with extreme animosity because of my decision to openly defend life, even by those who I considered to be close friends. But I am not doing this for popularity, for recognition and certainly not for profit. I am doing this because I believe that women deserve better than abortion, everyone deserves to know the truth, and the unborn deserve a chance to live. I do it because I genuinely love people and want to see everyone succeed. And above all, I do it for God. I am unashamedly a believer that Jesus took a stand for me and gave His life so that I might live. I want to live my life for Him by taking a stand for the lives He created and died for so that others might see Him through me and realize how valuable we all are no matter what stage of life we are in.

I will have my first opportunity to publicly speak to youth in the community on March 26th at an Indiana High School, coincidentally in my hometown where I grew up as a teenager. While I cannot openly talk about my faith or express my opinion about abortion specifically, I will have the opportunity to talk about my personal testimony and the importance of self-value and healthy relationships. I'll be sure to write a follow up entry on how that experience goes.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in my efforts. Every kind word, every shared emotion, each effort on your part has been a huge blessing for me. Together, we can reshape our world with simple acts of love.

Yesterday, Live Action released the following undercover video showing Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin ignoring the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old minor by a 31-year-old partner:

This is the 10th case of child abuse that Planned Parenthood has failed to report and has tried to cover up which as you all should know, failing to report child abuse is against the law. So the question is: How many times must Planned Parenthood break the law before they are held criminally responsible, defunded, and shut down? This is obviously not an isolated incident. It has happened in several states at several different is clearly a re-occurring problem. Planned Parenthood seems to think that they are above the law and if they are not strongly prosecuted for their negligence and blatant disregard for the law and the safety and well-being of young women then they have proven they will continue to break the law and put more young women at risk.

Planned Parenthood responded by claiming they would have reported the sexual abuse but the young girl (Live Action undercover investigator) did not give them her name or IDs so they couldn't report to the police. This is a FALSE statement by Planned Parenthood. And don't worry, Live Action has called them out on their lie with evidence to back them. Watch this video that debunks Planned Parenthood's claim.

They thought they could make this statement to local news reporters and be "off the hook" but they highly underestimated the intelligence and thoroughness of the Live Action investigators.

Write to or call your elected officials and demand they open a further investigation of Planned Parenthood and their child sexual abuse cover ups. Bring an end to the injustice.

This video is from the morning presentation for the 2010 Students For Life National Conference on January 23, 2010 in Washington, D.C., featuring David French of the Alliance Defense Fund. During his presentation, David outlines exactly what are pro-life student rights on U.S. college campuses and helps them determine if they are unfairly being censored.

2010 SFLA Conference: Knowing Your Rights on Campus

Coercion comes in many forms, often from all sides, whether from one's support network, deceptive experts or people in positions of authority, influence or power. Lost in the politics and rhetoric is the surprising, seldom-reported evidence that MOST, not some, abortions are unwanted or coerced. Many are deceptively informed or even forced. Coercion can take many forms, including undisclosed, misleading or false information about fetal development and alternatives. Coercion can escalate to violence. Homicide is the #1 killer of pregnant women.

Forced Abortion In America Facts:
  • 52% felt rushed, 54% uncertain,

  • 64% feel pressured to abort

  • 67% had NO counseling beforehand,

  • 79% were not told of available alternatives

  • 84% were not given enough information to make an informed choice.

  • Coercion can escalate to violence (see Forced Abortion in America report)

  • 65% suffer symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  • 31% suffered health complications, some of which are life-threatening

  • 65% higher risk of clinical depression

  • Death rates are 4.5 times higher

  • Suicide rates are 6 times higher

Reasons women give for having abortions:
    Forced by mother
    • Father opposed

    • Husband or boyfriend persuaded me

    • No other option given
    • Would have been kicked out
    • Loss of family’s support

    • Lack of support from society
    • Clinic persuaded me

    • In 95% of all cases, the male partner played a central role in the decision.
    • 45% of men interviewed at abortion clinics recalled urging abortion, including 37% of married men.

    • In the above study, men justified being the primary decision

This collective portrait of coercion, discrimination, professional negligence,
deception, or force, is not a picture of "choice" in the authentic sense of the word.

One step taken to help prevent forced abortion is
The Prevention of Coerced and Unsafe Abortions Act which simply defines that it is an act of medical negligence not to make at least a good faith effort to screen for evidence of coercion. It further provides that only the woman can hold the abortion provider accountable for any failure to do proper screening. This act does not interfere with the private decision of a woman and her doctor. But it does allow women to better hold doctors accountable for providing adequate screening and counseling. Many abortion doctors and employees give women false or deceptive information about abortions and fetal development. Here is an undercover video from Live Action that gives an accurate and disturbing look at coercion from Planned Parenthood staff.

Live Action has produced several undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's negligence and manipulation. They have documented abuse cover ups, false medical information given to women, and even unveiled their history of harboring a racial agenda. Go to for more information.

Forced abortions are a real problem and a human tragedy. If you or someone you know is involved in a forced abortion please get help! Under no circumstances can ANYONE force you to have an abortion for any reason whatsoever. There is a Force Form that can protect you against forced abortions, this form is particularly successful and necessary if the pregnant woman is a minor. It was developed by and available through Life Dynamics. Here is a brief video describing how the form works.

When a woman is forced into an abortion or has no other options, then it is no longer a choice, it is a violation of her human rights. Know your rights. If you are suffering from post-abortion heartache, seek healing. Find hope through your local life affirming crisis pregnancy center or use this 24 hour helpline.

Former abortion doctor, Patti Giebink, tells her story about performing abortions at Planned Parenthood. Today Patti is a pro-life OB/GYN. This video explains the abortion procedure. There are no graphic images in this video.

What stood out to me most in this video was when she describes the necessary process of sifting through the blood and tissue to make sure all of the body parts were accounted for after an abortion. Anyone who hears this and now has a brief education of how the abortion procedure works should understand that they are not removing tissue, they are not removing cells....they are removing BODY PARTS....tiny arms, feet and bodies that belong to innocent unborn babies. This makes the hair on my arms stand up. Abortion is the dismembering of tiny human beings. Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills are killing generations of babies and lying to young women. It needs to end. Share the truth about the life ending choice of abortion with others. Talk about positive life affirming alternatives. If we stand united, we can make abortion unthinkable.

The abortion industry is built on deception; its survival depends on its ability to hide the truth.

A woman arrived for an appointment this week at the Austin, Texas abortion center where a 40 Days for Life vigil is being conducted. One of the pro-life sidewalk counselors told her that if she was at this facility for routine healthcare, there were other places she could go — places that did not do abortions.

The young woman was stunned. “I had no idea my OB/GYN did abortions,” she said. “I definitely do not want to come back!”

This is one of the reasons pro-life sidewalk counselors are important. Many people don’t realize abortions are being done in their own cities. Many women don’t realize abortions are being done by their own doctors. When they find out, many have exactly the same response as this woman in Austin.

Truth is bad for the abortion business. Keep spreading the truth!

Today I want to thank my parents for choosing Life. I was born 27 years ago on this day. Now, 27 years later I can look back on those years and feel blessed, not simply because of all of the wonderful people in my life and all of the opportunities I've been given, but also because my Mom made a choice that allowed me to live a life full of blessings. Without that conscious decision, I would not have had the opportunity to love and be loved in return. I am thankful always, but today especially for being able to love my parents, love my brother, love his wife and my two gorgeous and fun nephews, and for the chance to marry and love my masterpiece of a husband and my new extended family, as well as enjoy so many wonderful moments with so many amazing friends. But had my Mom exercised her "right to choose" and chosen to end my life before it even really began, I would not be here, 27 years later being thankful for the life I have. Thank you Mom and Dad, for choosing Life! I love you to the moon and back!

Despite attacks and protest against the Tim Tebow Superbowl ad before it even aired, CBS did the right thing and chose to air the 30 second ad and it was viewed by millions during the Superbowl! Here is the ad that had so many pro-abortion groups worked up:

Nothing offensive about that right? It was funny, happy, loving and above all had a positive message. But because groups like NOW made such a fuss before even seeing this pro-life ad and even went as far as to making claims that Pam Tebow's story was not true they couldn't just accept the fact that the ad was harmless and heartwarming. So what new ridiculous attacks have they made towards the ad? They are now claiming that this 30 second clip you just watched promotes violence towards women. Read the full article from here: Pro-Aborts Claim Tebow Ad Promotes Domestic Violence
This is a clear act of desperation from pro-abortion groups. They realize that America is with us....the majority of Americans believe abortion is wrong. They realize that their "choice" is being exposed for what it really is....violence against humans. So how do they defend their own violence? By claiming WE are the ones in support of violence. Hypocrisy at its finest!

Let's face it, groups like NOW don't support a woman's "choice" they support THEIR "choice", which is abortion. They are NOT "pro-choice" they are clearly "pro-abortion" and are quick to accuse others of supporting violence but deny the fact that the very idea they are so viciously defending is the worst act of violence there is.
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