Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserve unplanned joy!
While an unplanned pregnancy can be seen and felt as initial shock, fear, and panic, if given time to really think about it, not just fret about it, I think most if not all women will realize that their pregnancy, while unplanned, is still something to be happy and excited about. Yes, a baby will change your life...but I believe the change will be in more good ways than bad. Don't underestimate yourself when it comes to raising a child, no matter what the situation...You can do this. There are people who want to help you throughout your pregnancy and should you decide to keep your baby, there are people who want to support you in making sure you and your baby are taken care of! There are pregnancy resource centers across the U.S. that exist for mother's experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are there to help regardless the circumstances. Consider your baby a gift, not a penalty, doing so will make all the difference in the world.

This is a video of the new ultrasound technology that gives us a window into the womb so that we can see the miraculous development of life and watch babies growing before our eyes.

This is what unplanned joy looks like! :)

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