"The right to life should supersede all other rights because without life, no other rights would matter or exist."

This is not a quote by anyone famous or well-known....this is a definitive conclusion that I myself came to while considering the the argument of "a woman's right to choose" vs. "the unborn's right to live". For me....this statement should shatter all of the Pro-Choice arguments because the statement is unarguably true. If you or I were not living human beings, than our right to choose, our right to free speech, or any other right commonly fought for, would be non-existent. There would be no life to enforce such rights, there would be no life to protect such rights and there would be no life to create such rights. Without the establishment of life...there would be no reason for human rights to be established. Therefor I believe we should defend the right to life above all other rights. The right to life should override all other rights regardless of circumstances.

I want to share with you, a lecture given by Stephanie Gray from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform entitled: "Abortion: Human Right or Human Rights Violation?" It was a part of Go Life: U of A Campus Pro-Life's Life Week 2009 guest lecture series. The sound quality is poor but you can still understand her speech. I think she makes some excellent points that address many pro-choice and pro-life arguments. (**There are no graphic images in these videos)




I like that she presents the information in a way that gives valid comparisons and at the same time is not condemning anyone or attacking anyone. She is addressing the behavior of abortion not the people who have abortions or support abortions. I think this important because many women and men have already fallen victim to the choice of abortion and feel deep sorrow and regret because of it and can be led to believe that anyone who opposes abortion is also against them. This is not at all true. In fact, most of the Pro-Life supporters I have met, including myself personally, do not want to condemn or judge women and men for what they have done or what they stand for but instead embrace them for who they are and want to help to find healing and hope after abortion and to bring to others' attention the true reality of what abortion is.

Anyone who has had an abortion is not less worthy of my love and respect than someone who has not had one. In fact, those who have said that they regret their abortion and express the after math of what abortion did in their lives (like the women of Silent No More Awareness and others who have come forward to say that they wish abortion was never made available to them) Those people have SO MUCH of my respect! Because I know how difficult it is must be to say that, to have gone through what they went through and be able to talk about it takes so much courage and strength and I admire those who do so. If you are an abortion victim and have chosen to speak the truth about it...you are a hero in my eyes. You can help others with your testimony. You have purpose and dignity just as much as the rest of us. You are an important part in all of this. You have first hand experience and that makes you a powerful witness. You represent courage, strength, resilience, dignity, and truth. That is the kind of character and integrity I can certainly admire. My love and prayers go out to all of you. You are not alone.

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