"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Wiesel

Those are the words of a Holocaust survivor. Someone who endured some of the worst suffering and inhumane cruelty in our world's history. Many compare abortion to a present day Holocaust. I wanted to compare for myself the similarities of each catastrophic tragedy and this is what I discovered....

*Both have a form of extermination facilities for the sole purpose of killing large numbers of humans at a time.
--One is termed gas chamber the other is termed abortion mill or abortion clinic.

*Both are a form of mass murdering that result in the death of millions of innocent victims.

-- Holocaust: 6 million Abortion: 50 million (and counting)

*Both justified acts secondary to the belief that the victims are not fully human.

*Both killed by licensed doctors

*Both infringe on a person's rights
--both take a person's right to life

*Both kill for the sake of being able to kill without just reasons and without legal consequences
--this is also termed as genocide

Here are a few visual comparisons:

Women and children entering gas chambers during the Holocaust...

Women and children entering abortion mills....

None of the Holocaust victims will come out alive
and at least one half of the Abortion victims will not come out alive

(in some cases of abortion, the mother will die too)

Abortion Supporters

Nazi Supporters

Both have found followers that support the killing of innocent human lives
Shouldn't we learn from history? Just because someone comes along to say that genocide is OK doesn't mean it is OK and that we should make it legal, acceptable and easily accessible.

I pray that our nation will wake up and realize that we are in the midst of a modern day Holocaust and that we will someday soon, stop the genocide of our own human kind. We need to become part of the Resistance. Speak out against the mass murdering that is happening in our land! Help to bring an end to abortion. Be part of the solution, part of the rescue team. When the history books are written I want to be on the side of truth on the side of love and compassion. What side do you want to be on? We must choose sides just as Elie Wiesel says because "neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim". Let's write history that our future generations will be proud to read. Let's not go down in history as a dark plague era. We can give our future generations hope and better place to live simply by choosing life.
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  1. Beth DaCosta Says:

    The words of Elie Wiesel really struck me hard when I read them. To swear to never be silent whenever or wherever human beings endure suffering. He added how silence encourages the tormentor and to stay neutral helps the oppressor. With his passion I am inspired to speak. I have reached a place in my personal healing that I am ready to speak louder and stronger against the oppresive abortion industry.

    I feel as though I am a survivor of the abortion holocaust. It has been over thirty years ago now that in my ignorance I personally made the regretful decision of abortion. Now I wish that choice was never made available to me.

    No one told me, nor did I expect the mental torment I would face following that decision. Now, with all I know and understand about the miracle of life it makes perfect sense why a woman after her abortion decision begins to mourn the loss of her child.

    I know any man or woman who reads this blog, sees any image of the reality of abortion, or hears and sees the facts about the miracle in the womb will have their memory stirred. I also know that sometimes the emotions are very heavy and hard to bear. I've worked through all of them. I know the hurt and shame and I also know how to be restored.

    When our conscience is stirred our reaction is to feel shame, yet God wants us to look His way. He is not shocked by our sin. It proves our need of the Savior.

    I have reached a beautiful place of healing ONLY because of a loving God who forgave me when I asked Him. God through His Word also has comforted me through the regret. What once was my darkest secret I now acknowledge as the very thing God was able to use to help me know Him personally and to deepen my understanding of a mercy I know I don't deserve and an unconditional love that no one can match!

    I reach out to any and all who share the regret of abortion. You are not alone. There are millions of us. By raising a voice I hope anyone experiencing the same pain can enjoy the same freedom I have recieved. Asking God's forgiveness is the first step in the journey. Then it is a matter of growing in the truth of God's Word and choosing to live in that truth. It is then you can enjoy the mystery of how God can use the all together for good in your life.

    You can seek help learning and applying His truth through a local Crisis Preganancy Center. The Centers across our land are devoted to helping all involved in an unplanned pregnancy and those who experience post abortion syndrom.

    I end with telling my daughter Leah how much I love her and appreciate her boldness. I know she is sincere in her desire to help all who have been affected by the suffering from abortion. She is shining a light of truth on life with hopes to prevent more abortions from happening and to reach out to men and women who carry the post heartache. I support her completely and stand with her in the defense of the unborn and for the people who have fallen victim to the lies of this greed driven industry.

    Beth DaCosta

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