For those visiting my blog for the first time you may not know that I have chosen to take a vocal stand in support of life at all stages. I have done lots of research on the topic and share information I have found as well as my own personal thoughts on the issue. Some disagree with me, which is OK, and others share my passion. Ultimately, the purpose of my writings is to endorse truth and life by taking a humanitarian approach to the subject. This is not a political or religious debate I am trying to win. I am simply trying to be a bridge to hope and peace. Saving lives of women, children and men is more important to me than being right, or being liked, or being accepted. My goal is to speak the truth with love and understanding. Not to judge or condemn but to extend my arms to embrace all who need to hear the truth and need love and hope restored in their lives.

Recently the topic of rape and abortion has come up. And although this is merely 1% of the abortion statistics, it is still important to consider.

I want to first say that I am so sorry to any woman that has been subjected to such an inexcusable act. Rape is not something I will ever justify, condone or tolerate. It is the ultimate violation of the self that no woman should ever have to endure. It breaks my heart to hear that rape even occurs. And with the abortion issue aside, I want to ask those women who might be reading are you coping with the post effects of it? You don't have to share your story with me, but I want you to know that I sincerely care about your well being (physically, emotionally & mentally) and I would like to help you find someone you can talk to about it because I know it can be a heavy weight to carry and no one should have to carry it alone. I hope that if you haven't already sought help and healing that you do so. The first resource for rape victims that comes to mind is Mercy Ministries They are just one resource where you can find the help and support you need but I know there are many organizations who want to help restore your hope and help you to live a full and happy life after the tragedy you experienced. I encourage you to seek places that offer therapeutic help for your individual needs.

I am not at all trying to diminish the level of hurt that comes with being a victim of rape. It is very real, it is beyond a tragedy and the magnitude of this horrible crime cannot be measured. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to suffer from it. My perspective on the abortion-rape issue is that the woman has already been a victim who has been violated and abortion puts that same woman in a situation that will violate and victimize her yet again. So my first argument is in defense of the woman. I would not want to put her through more pain and even more suffering after she has already experienced so much.

My second defense is for that of the innocent unborn baby. A life is a life...and though the woman is a victim, let's not make the child a victim as well. That baby had no direct part in the rape of the woman and should not be punished for the behavior of the offender. I am not my mother just as I am not my father...I am my own individual person and equally, each baby is its own individual self, a separate entity from the mother and the father. Despite being a product of both, he or she stands alone as an individual human being and should not be judged by the faults of his or her father. I know that is very hard to do because there has been a very traumatic event that has taken place but I'm just asking you to consider that objective.

If the woman is not willing and/or able to raise or parent that child than I would suggest adoption. Consider this analogy: If there is a well known enemy (the rapist) and you saw a helpless baby crying, that has been abandoned and left for dead and you knew this baby was the enemy's child would you save that child and gift it to someone who would love and care for it or even care of it yourself? If you would, then I would consider you a hero with great courage and compassion. Heroes to me are ordinary people in extraordinary situations who say "Although it's tough I am willing to rise to the occasion and do whatever it costs to do what is right despite the pain and even if others are against me." There are so many who cannot have children and your selfless act of choosing to adopt out that child would be a blessing to some young couple that otherwise would never be able to experience parenthood.

Ultimately, I think it is best to turn a situation that was intended for evil and turn it into something good. Men who rape women obviously have no respect for life when they violate a woman like that but, turning around and violating the life of a baby doesn't endorse the respect of life either. It does not justify the damage that has been done, it just creates more adversity. The way to overcome evil is with good.

But if you don't agree with anything I have said I am not going to even begin to judge you or think any less of you. I am certainly in no position to judge anyone. That is not what I am about. I'm simply asking you to consider all the options and look at the whole picture in a situation of rape that results in a pregnancy. For me, giving life is always a better alternative to taking a life regardless the situation.

I would like to end with this: There is hope in knowing that God can give beauty from ashes.(Isaiah 61:3) He can create good from truly devastating situations. (I could share some of my own testimonies of this) I pray that He turns your pain(whatever it may be) into purpose.

Here is a video that has inspired this thought provoking topic:

Love and prayers
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