Being involved in the 40 Days For Life Campaign brings daily hope and inspiration! If you don't already follow the 40 Days For Life Blog I suggest you start...the true stories of how lives are being changed because of valiant pro-life efforts is powerful!

Today's entry talks about how a an ultrasound coupon saves the life of a child and it's mother. Statistics show that 90% of mothers who see an ultrasound of their baby choose life. So offering "free ultrasound" coupons really are life savers! A woman can have the opportunity to see her baby before she makes a life changing and possibly life ending decision. This particular young teenager was with her mother when they had the ultrasound done and the baby actually waved to both of them. Naturally they began to cry when they realized the tiny life inside the mother who seemed to be acknowledging them from inside the womb. Powerful stuff! Here is the priceless ultrasound image of the baby waving to her mom and grandmother:

I am so thankful for the advanced technology and trained specialist who can provide this kind of factual, visual information to young women. Sometimes images speak louder than this case, that proved to be true. That tiny hand waving said more than any words ever could. It spoke Life. I'm also thankful for the Love Warriors who are at the gates of these abortion centers as a last line of defense for these young women and their unborn children. They are truly making a difference and saving lives! Keep up the great efforts!
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