Every minute, new information comes in about a wavering member of Congress or of strategic information from Republican or Democratic leadership.

Without prayer, I am 100% sure we will lose. With it, the consciences of wavering members can be stirred and emboldened. While this is not a religious organization, we cannot succeed without prayer. So will you please take just a few minutes, join the millions of others who are also praying that this bill fails and our nation's children will be protected from the carnage that would result from its passage? This is a defining moment when prayer -- our most powerful lobbying tool-- needs to be used for strength and victory.

The leaders -- especially Bart Stupak, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner and Mike Pence who have led the charge in these final days to protect Life and warn others that THIS IS NOT A GAME, need our support and prayer. Pray that they enter the battle this weekend with the same energy and courage and love they have shown thus far.

Also, here is a list of undecided Members of Congress that you can pray for each by name:

Kathy Dahlkemper
Marcy Kaptur
Paul Kanjorski
Baron Hill
Solomon Ortiz
Earl Pomeroy
Chris Carney
Lincoln Davis
Alan Mollohan

These folks are under intense pressure on all sides. Their struggles do not go unnoticed, but pray that through all the clutter they see the clearest reminder of what this is about: the babies that will be lost if this bill passes and the women and families who will be hurt by what would be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

We are the last line of defense for the unborn and these families. Please pray. I am not asking you for a favor, I am asking you to do the right thing.
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