The crisis of abortion coverage and abortion funding in the health care reform bill is expected to be voted on in the House THIS WEEK.

The urgency of the current situation demands that we speak out about the proposed health care bill -- which in its current form would gravely impact our pro-life mission.

Without question, this proposed legislation could undo all the years of work that have gone into the fight to defeat the abortion culture. The fate of millions of pre-born babies hangs in the balance.

In a brief summary, here are the biggest problems with the proposed bill:

--> For the first time in history, the bill would
create authority for the federal government to

--> Individuals and families would be FORCED into
insurance plans with mandatory abortion coverage

--> American taxpayers would be forced to pay a new
"ABORTION PREMIUM FEE" to cover the costs of
abortions for other people

--> The bill would direct $11 BILLION in funding to
"community health centers" and deputizes them to
become new abortion facilities

--> Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion
industry would get a massive, GOVERNMENT-FUNDED BAILOUT
-- to the tune of billions of dollars

--> The bill WOULD NOT adequately protect the
consciences of medical providers who refuse to
participate in life-destroying practices

Here's the bottom line: if the Senate health care reform bill is passed by the House of Representatives,it will result in the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade -- and hundreds of thousands more children will die and women will be hurt.

I believe our prayers -- and efforts -- are vital to stopping this abortion mandate. Here are the three most important things you need to do RIGHT NOW:

1.) PRAY AND FAST: The vote in the House is now expected on Friday or Saturday. Between now and then, pray -- and fast, if you feel led -- like NEVER BEFORE. Pray for the president. Pray for the Members of Congress who will be voting this week. Pray for the handful of pro-life representatives who are under intense pressure to change their votes -- and who could make all the difference for pre-born children and women in need.

2.) CALL YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE TODAY: Urge your representative to "Vote AGAINST any health care bill that does not explicitly prohibit abortion coverage and
government funding of abortion!" Even if you've called before, do this again RIGHT NOW. Need help finding yourRepresentative? Go here to contact him or her TODAY:

3.) E-MAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY: E-mail your representative and urge him or her to "Vote AGAINST any health care bill that does not explicitly prohibit abortion coverage and government funding of abortion!" To find your representative and get information on how to send him or her an e-mail, go to:

After YOU pray, call, and e-mail, make sure your family and friends do the same thing by passing along this information.

And then do it again tomorrow ... and the next day -- until the abortion mandate is STOPPED.

This really could come down to who makes the most calls and sends the most e-mails in these decisive final days. So please, stand up for life, speak out for justice and love others to truth.

Thank you.
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