I wanted to share with you a book I recently read by Lee Ezell entitled The Missing Piece.

This is a true story written about Lee Ezell's own personal life experiences. At a very young age Lee found herself in a very bad situation. She was raped and became pregnant as a result of that rape. Ezell shares the emotions she experienced and how she turned to God and ultimately chose adoption for her baby. She talks about life before, during and after her pregnancy and adoption and how she eventually reunites with her daughter after many years. It is a story about life, choices and love.

I appreciated her perspective because she represents a small percentage of which is very controversial but seldom considered. She gives the reader insight into the thoughts and questions a woman in her situation faces. It gives this global issue a more personal view. The Missing Piece is an inspiring story of a touching reunion that will provide hope for those needing peace from God. It is definitely a recommended read. Lee Ezell is the author of 8 award-winning books and after reading this one I certainly want to check out her others.

I found this video clip of Lee and her daughter Julie that I hope will also inspire you to read this book.

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