Content warning: The following excerpts are from the sworn testimony of an abortionist and may (should) be disturbing to you. The entire testimony can be found HERE.

Testimony from National Abortion Federation, et. al. v. Ashcroft on Thursday, April 8, 2004.

Excerpts from direct examination of Abortionist Dr. Stephen T. Chasen:

COURT QUESTION: Dr. Chasen, in your experience, how is the fetal head extracted in a dismemberment D&E?

ABORTIONIST DR. CHASEN: The fetal head is extracted by placing the forceps around it and crushing it.

COURT QUESTION: How readily is that — how easy is that to accomplish?

ABORTIONIST DR. CHASEN: In some cases it is relatively easily accomplished and in other cases it is very difficult.

COURT QUESTION: Does it hurt the baby?


COURT QUESTION: But you go ahead and do it anyway, is that right?

ABORTIONIST DR. CHASEN: I am taking care of my patients, and in that process, yes, I go ahead and do it.

COURT QUESTION: Does that mean you take care of your patient and the baby be damned, is that the approach you have?

ABORTIONIST DR. CHASEN: These women who are having [abortions] at gestational ages they are legally entitled to it

COURT QUESTION: I didn’t ask you that, Doctor. I asked you if you had any caring or concern for the fetus whose head you were crushing.


SOURCE: National Abortion Federation, et. al. v. Ashcroft
U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York
The Honorable Richard Conway Casey, Judge
Friday, April 2, 2004

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So here is the deal… we all can read articles and think or say how terrible they are, but how many of us actually go and try to do something about the injustice? As for the doctors who willingly commit these murders on the future of tomorow, are we not also partially accomplices to this? If we just sit around and let these things happen we are guilty of allowing this kind of human rights violation to occur. How easy is it for us to say "oh, that's horrible" then go on with our day as though nothing happened or to assume someone else will fight the fight for you, or worse, claim neutrality on the issue so as not to "offend" anyone. Yes, abortion is horrible, but what are we doing to stop it? Don't wait, don't put it out of your mind, don't say I'll do something about it tomorrow. We need to join together NOW and stop the killing of our children. Because if our children's lives are vulnerable to this kind of inhumanity, who is next? Don't just be outraged, be moved to action! This is YOUR moment of the end, YOU CHOOSE what kind of person you are going to be? A person who stands up for those who cannot speak for themselves or a person who stands by and allows this kind of injustice to happen to thousands of innocent human lives each and every day.

Contact local life-affirming organizations in your area and start working towards creating a culture of life in your own community. You can also check out the groups listed in the right hand column of this blog for more information on how you can make a difference.
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