I've been noticing more and more lately that people are using the word "open-minded" to describe themselves. As if this is the latest trend. But I think a lot of them are confusing what the word means. They are being more persuadable and tolerant than perceptive or knowledgeable. These avant-garde thinkers believe that not "accepting" a person's lifestyle or behavior means that you are in fact close-minded or an opponent of change. I'm not open-minded or closed-minded...I'm simply God-minded! I can love someone and not like what they do. I believe that God made boundaries for us and guidelines to live by. They are clear, there is no reading between the lines, no compromising. These standards were set in place for good, not for evil. It seems to me like the world is chastizing those of us who choose to listen to God's word and follow Christ's examples and making us out to be jerks for believing that what society says is "acceptable" is not acceptable in God's standards. These so-called "open-minded" people are hypocrits. You can accept a behavior but you can't accept our faith? I'm not arguing that you have to take a side, but what I am saying is don't call yourself open-minded if really you're one-sided. Accepting society's norm and labeling Christians as simple-minded is not being open-minded. It's being ignorant.
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